From past to present

A pioneering beginning

In 1988, a small German company called 1&1 took over marketing activities for BTX, the troubled online service run by T-Com (a sister company of T-Mobile). The fledgling corporation 1&1 decided to try something innovative – a future trademark of the company – and launched the first major advertising campaign for an online service. The ads took the complex new technology and made it appealing and easy to understand. Interest soared and because of 1&1, BTX became the market leader under its new name – T-Online.


Developing an industry

1&1 had established itself as a groundbreaking marketing company, but it also provided content for T-Online as well as working in the development of new technologies and services. Alongside others, 1&1 defined the new KIT standard ("core software for intelligent terminals"). KIT introduced a user interface that appealed to a very broad user base. Then 1&1 developed the first telecom decoder - or browser as it was called later - for T-Online.

With the growth of the PC, there was also an increased need for user support. Therefore, in 1992 1&1 launched its new Customer Care Division, with IBM coming in as the first key account. Then, in a step which solidified its position as a technology marketing authority, 1&1 used its knowledge to establish an Internet-based media network in order to tap the new marketing opportunities of the web.

An initial public offering

March 23, 1998 witnessed a milestone. 1&1's parent company, United Internet, became one of the first web companies to go public. IPO proceeds of around $60 million were used to finance further growth and develop 1&1 into a group of Internet companies. By buying into the highly respected internet provider Schlund+Partner in 1998, 1&1 brought their unique marketing talent and abundant technological experience together with one of Europe's most powerful and secure data centers.

Providing our own services

Later that year, 1&1 expanded its range of products by introducing Puretec, Europe’s first affordable and reliable web hosting product for customers on a budget. With satisfied users and cutting-edge technology, 1&1 grew rapidly, acquiring the e-mail service GMX, which soon became a leading provider of e-mail and messaging services with more than 15 million accounts. Next came successful domain name registration and the development of a top-of-the-line and extremely secure Data Center. 1&1 eShops – our e-commerce suites - were introduced during 2000, and 1&1’s comprehensive range of dedicated server packages debuted in 2001.

In 2002, 1&1 achieved recognized European market leadership through Puretec's successor - 1&1 Web Hosting.

Going global

In June 2000, 1&1 began the international expansion of its thriving web hosting business. The U.K. office was opened in Slough, near London, with a fully localized operation including sales, service and support. Soon after, 1&1 acquired shares in the global domain name registrar, Afilias. ICANN, (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) gave Afilias the license for the first major top level domain since the mid 1980s. This was .info.

In autumn 2003, 1&1 started to serve customers directly in the U.S. As part of the grand opening promotion on our new portal, we again made a bold move and invited users in the U.S. to explore the potential of 1&1 services free of charge for 3 full years. January 2004 saw the launch of our full line of products and services. From domains and hosting to dedicated servers and eShops, 1&1 offers something for everyone.

After the roll-out of the full range of hosting products in the U.S. in June 2004 an extension of the 24/7-customer service for America took place. The support location was set up in Cebu, Philippines. For that purpose 1&1 Internet Inc. Philippines was founded in December 2005. In November 2004, Europe's leading web host also reached a place among the ten leading companies in the U.S. market.

In May 2006, the United Internet AG acquired British internet provider Fasthosts Internet Ltd. This made 1&1 and Fasthosts the undisputed number one in the British hosting market. However, both companies retained their separate market performances.

Due to continued strong customer growth in the U.S. by January 2007, the American subsidiary 1&1 Internet Inc. started to operate its own high-performance- data center near Kansas City. Covering an area of over 5,000 m², it offers space for more than 40,000 servers.

On 20 August 2007 the subsidiary 1&1 Internet España SLU started the distribution of webhosting-products in Madrid, Spain.

On 1 December 2007 1&1 is was the first large web host to switch all European data centers to green electricity. The supply now comes from renewable sources like wind, hydropower and solar energy. This helps to save 30,000 tons of CO² per year - in addition to savings through optimized hardware and software.

In March 2010, 1&1 and the ZOHO Corporation announce a strategic partnership for developing and deploying cloud applications. In June 1&1 launches the 1&1 Online Office, a complete office suite, completely running in the browser.

On 27 August 2010 1&1 entered the Polish market with the newly established subsidiary 1&1 Internet Sp. z.o.o., headquartered in Warsaw.

Since March 2011, the 1&1 hosting products are also available in Canada. At the same time, the 1&1 subsidiary InternetX started operations in Argentina.

In May 2012 1&1 starts selling webhosting products on the Italian market.

In 2013 1&1 celebrates 25th anniversary and starts selling webhosting products on the Mexican market.