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Your online success starts with your domain. 1&1 helps you to find and manage your perfect Internet address.

Benefit from our know-how and good relationships with leading domain registries in order to establish your name on the Internet.

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Frequently asked questions about buying a domain name

  • Why should I buy a domain with 1&1?

    Due to the size and prevalence of the Internet today, it is vital that before you buy your own domain you consider carefully what functions your site will require and subsequently which provider is best equipped to offer those functions. These days, at an ever accelerating pace, we interact with each other and with organizations more and more via the Internet. Therefore, how you create your domain – whether it is for your company, brand, or a personal blog – is vitally important. Given the variety of hosting service providers, you should carefully consider the various deals and packages available before you buy your domain name. For instance, if you are considering setting up a personal website – maybe a blog of some sort, or a site for your family – the requirements of that site are obviously going to be different from those of a business or eCommerce site. At 1&1, we have a selection of features and tools that are appropriate for a wide variety of websites. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, we can offer you the best package to help you get your site up and running as quickly as possible after you buy your domain name.

  • Which benefits will I receive, if I buy a domain with 1&1?

    When you buy a domain with 1&1 you will be able to use our website builder to construct your site from scratch. This feature makes it simple for you to create the best website you can without complex coding or requiring expert external assistance. Instead, you will be led step by step through simple instructions with our easy-to-use tools at your fingertips. First off, you will be able to choose from our wide array of templates from which you can pick the one that not only looks the most aesthetically pleasing but also suits the practical requirements of your site the best. Once you have chosen a template, you can then begin to customize your site by using our design tools. When you buy your domain with 1&1, we will ensure that each of these steps are made as simple as possible so that your site can be live and looking good in no time at all. This way you can keep your domain costs low by not having to hire a professional designer to ensure that your site is top-quality. If in the future you choose to buy another domain name with 1&1, with our handy control panel function you can view and manage these domains all in the same place, eliminating unnecessary hassle.

  • How can I buy a domain with 1&1?

    The first thing you need to do when planning to buy a domain with 1&1 is to think carefully about which name you want. The importance of choosing a strong domain name for your site cannot be understated. Whether your site is to be an eCommerce site or a personal blog, you should think about your domain name as your own brand. Like the best brand names, it needs to be clear and memorable so as to stick in the minds of visitors and customers. When you buy a domain with 1&1 you can use the domain checker on our site. This tool will display whether the domain you want to buy is available. If you are unable to obtain the domain you seek, the tool will provide you with alternative TLDs that are available. These alternative TLDs will include the new TLDs such as .shop, .clothing or .nyc. These TLDs are great as they help identify your site with a certain sector or theme. In addition to changing the TLD, you can think about your domain name, play around with the wording and perhaps manage to come up with something even more creative and unique for your site. Of course, with more and more people creating websites every day, it is worth not waiting too long once you have decided to buy a domain name. Being quick from the start will increase the chance of you acquiring the domain name you desire.

  • What kind of choice will I have if I buy a domain name with 1&1?

    When planning to buy a domain name, it is vital to ensure that the name you choose is straight forward and memorable. Thankfully, when you choose to buy your domain with 1&1 we will help you find a suitable name at a competitive price. It might happen that your first domain name idea is not available. If this is the case, the 1&1 domain checker will provide you with alternative TLDs you might want to consider. This means that instead of going for something more traditional like .com or .net, you can buy a domain with a specified domain name extension such as .agency, .bar or .expert. Using one of the industry-specific TLDs aligns your site with other companies and individuals in that sector, presents you as a professional and attracts potential customers to your site. Like TLDs such as .com, .org and .net, these industry-specific TLDs are used internationally. However, if you want to buy a domain name which localizes your site to a specific region and targets your home market, there are regional TLDs to help you do this. TLDs such as .boston, .nyc and .vegas can pinpoint exactly where your service or the contextual focus of your site is based. Because of the benefits that come with purchasing one of these specific TLDs, the prices can vary. However, when you buy a domain name with 1&1, you will be offered the best rates available on the market.