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Frequently Asked Questions about how to buy a domain name

  • How can I find a cheap domain for my website?

    In order to find and register a domain name, you would usually go through so called domain name registrars. The various companies that host these services usually charge relatively high fees for a single domain name. Although this might seem like a one way street, there are services that provide cheaper ones. Some of these require you to register for their services, which in turn allow you to buy cheaper domain names from other members. Another method of attaining a cheaper domain name is by signing up for a hosting service or a website builder package like 1&1 MyWebsite. These other types of services provide you with much cheaper domain names because they charge for their hosting for website building features. As a result, you don't have to pay for your domain, or if you do it will not be nearly as expensive as just registering a domain name by itself.

  • Why is one domain cheaper than the other?

    The price difference between the multiple domain name registrars has multiple reasons. Some of these registrars try to gain more profits based on higher volume of sales and therefore keep their profit margins lower. Others will keep their prices low and earn their profits with additional services like E-Mail. Some domain name registrars have a fully automated systems and administration system for their customers to sink the fix costs by reducing the amount of support required. 1&1 MyWebsite follows the same concept of providing many additional services and as a result offering you cheaper domain names. Domain names also vary in price depending on the domain extension.

  • How can I buy a domain name at 1&1?

    1&1 makes buying your domain name simple. The more complicated part is on your end in figuring out what you want your domain to be named. Once you have figured out what you want your domain name to be, 1&1 helps you with the rest. When you purchase a domain with 1&1, the cost is inclusive all the registration fees and affiliated E-Mail accounts with 2 GB storage space. Choose a domain package you need, and the registration is free. It includes sub-domains, a control panel, E-Mail account and support. Furthermore you use the website builder provided to you by 1&1 to construct your own website around your new domain.