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Establishing an online presence is an absolute necessity these days, and you can set up a cheap business website with 1&1. You'll have access to tons of features that will help improve your marketing strategy and get your company out there and in front of potential customers. You can set up an effective marketing campaign no matter what industry you're in – buy one or more cheap websites from 1&1 to communicate your message. Once you register a unique domain name with 1&1 you can instantly be in command of your new and improved marketing campaign.
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The internet is available 24/7, and so is your website! Future and current customers will be able to visit your cheap website whenever they want. Keep up constant communication between you and your customers and increase the popularity of your business. One of the many features is the ability to install a guestbook/contact form. Invite your visitors to ask questions or give some feedback on your business and/or website. Your replies will show your customers how committed to their satisfaction you are, and you'll develop a positive reputation as a result. Close contact with your customers can make you more aware of how to optimize your business for individual target groups. Additionally, the cheap website service of 1&1 allows you to integrate social media widgets on your business website. This will act not only as a communication tool, but as a way for your customers to promote your cheap built website to their friends.

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E-mail marketing can be a useful and effective marketing tool, that's why we include the 1&1 E-Mail Marketing Tool. Keep your e-mail subscribers up to date about new product innovations or invite them to business events. You'll have so many opportunities to establish a closer connection with your customers. Adding the 1&1 Visitor Counter to your website will help you check the success of your active newsletter marketing campaign at any time.
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Optimize your website strategy with 1&1

Need a way to analyze your cheap website's statistics? 1&1 SiteAnalytics uses graphics to clearly show you how successful your website is – and what you can do to increase that success. It informs you about the number of visitors to your website and your visibility in the search engine indexes, evaluates your advertising success, calculates the average time visitors have spent on your site, and much more. Use this extra knowledge to make appropriate changes to your website and improve customer satisfaction! Check out a low-priced, high-value 1&1 website today. Invest in a cheap website and benefit from the multiple online marketing tools made available by 1&1.

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