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Promote your church with a .church top level domain

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Improve your visibility with a new .church domain

Reserve the perfect .church domain at 1&1 that your congregation will remember

With the release of hundreds of new top-level domains at 1&1 comes the ideal opportunity for you to order the ideal .church domain for your parish website. Fitting for parish websites and parish groups affiliated with a church, the .church domain is a fantastic alternative to the expensive and limiting options of .com domains., and are just a few examples of the great .church domains available to register at 1&1. These domains are clear, concise and memorable allowing your congregation to access your website in an instant.

Improve communication between you and your congregation by registering a .church domain.

A church is more than just a building; a church is all about community. It’s paramount to maintain a healthy communication between you and your parish, informing them of worship times, upcoming events and fundraisers, and more. The perfect way to do that is by maintaining an up-to-date, fully-functioning and interactive website. Such a platform is ideal for organizing events, posting the parish agenda and providing religious material online. And what better way to perfect your website when registering a new .church domain! With a wide array of .church domain possibilities at 1&1, the time is now to register yours!

Use your website as a platform to attract new members to your church

In today’s age of technology, the Internet plays a significant role in most people’s lives. Often when looking for direction in their lives, or answers, one’s first port of call will be the Internet. Registering a clear .church URL, you are more likely to be recognized and chosen from the list of vague and obscure URL titles, allowing you to better share your ministries with new and prospective members before they’ve even stepped foot in your church. In the same way, using the Internet as a platform to address younger members of your community is a great way of connecting with congregation members on their level and extending your religious preaching to outside your weekly services.

How can I find out if my ideal domain is still available? And how can I register my .church domain with 1&1?

Registering for a .church domain with 1&1 for your church or religious organization couldn’t be simpler. Check instantly on the 1&1 website if your preferred .church top-level domains are still available and if so, you can then proceed to reserving the domains in a few simple steps. There is absolutely no charge for reserving domains at 1&1 and no obligation to register them further down the line either. So there’s nothing stopping you from reserving all of your .church domain ideas leaving you with the peace of mind that they are protected and the time to make any concrete decisions. With 1&1, you have nothing to lose by reserving your .church domains, so don’t wait, get them protected today!