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A professional website is the key to your success

Leave the creation of your website to 1&1's experts

Free, no obligation
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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Tell us what's important to you, and we'll make it a reality online, helping to ensure your website's success

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Your website is in good hands with us

1&1 MyWebsite Maintained-by-Experts is an "all inclusive" package- you don't have to worry about anything! We provide you with your own unique website after an initial consultation, and continue to update the content once it has gone live. A domain name of your choice is included, with matching, professional e-mail addresses that can be re-directed to your existing email if desired.

Free, no obligation
By Phone:
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Website Design

Your new website is custom made for you

Your new website will be tailored to your needs- your 1&1 web expert will communicate with you over the phone to discuss the style you envision for your website. We'll incorporate your logos or colors, and in a few days your website visitors and customers will be thrilled by your online presence!


We incorporate your logo, images and text

If you have existing material you'd like to use, we'd be happy to add it to your new website. If you already own an "old" website, content can be selected to transfer. We'll also utilize high quality, industry specific stock photos (which include free image rights) and write industry related text for your website that is specific to your business.


We make your website come to life

Your 1&1 MyWebsite can offer you many ways to utilize the power of social media to fuel your success. Upon request, we can create for you a Facebook page that synchronizes automatically with your website.

Facebook page (on request)

We link your social media site

A good website is more than just something beautiful to look at. Our web experts have access to over 300 useful web apps that can bring a wealth of functionality to your website: from multimedia image galleries and language translators to industry specific tools like online reservation systems for restaurants. We'll make it easy for you, suggesting appropriate, useful web apps to consider integrating to your new website.

Search Engine Optimization

We make sure your website's found

Once your website is online, our SEO experts will also take care of making sure that your website has optimal search engine positioning within your specific industry. Your website will be found on Google, etc. by those who are searching!

Web Presence & Hosting

We bring your website securely online

Not only do we build your website, but we also ensure that it stays available online. This is accomplished by simultaneously operating your website on two servers in physically separate data centers (geo redundancy). If one server should experience issues, the second takes over automatically, ensuring your website is available.

Continued Care

We maintain your website

Regular revisions to the content of your website makes it more attractive and exciting- our team of experts is available around the clock to help. We can also help you to utilize the newsletter tool to send mailing campaigns, improving your customer loyalty. We're here when you need us, via email or on the phone, and are committed to timely implementation of your requests.

Website Analysis

We measure your success

Which subpages are visited most often? In what region are your website visitors located? 1&1 SiteAnalytics knows the answers!
We learn the needs of your customers and ensure your website is optimized accordingly.

Free, no obligation
By Phone:
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Your website is online in just a few days

Fast, convenient, easy!

It's this easy:

  • 1.Your Needs

    We discuss your needs

    Immediately following your order, one of our experts will discuss with you your vision for your new website. And, if you have any ideas or suggestions later, you can always call us!

  • 2.Your Website

    We create your website

    Within 7-10 days, and at no additional cost to you, our experts will create your website. Logos, images, graphics, text - if you have existing material you'd like to use, we'd be happy to add it to your new website. If you already own an "old" website, content can be selected to transfer.
    We'll also utilize high quality, industry specific stock photos (which include free image rights) and write industry related text for your website that is specific to your business.

  • 3.Your Success

    We make your website successful

    Once your new website is online, we ensure your success on the Internet. Through search engine optimization, registration in industry directories and your own company Facebook page, we help your potential customers find your website. And, if you're looking to sell your products online, we'll integrate an online store.


Frequently asked questions

  • I want a unique, custom made website - can 1&1 MyWebsite by Experts help?

    For a truly unique and professional custom made website, 1&1 MyWebsite by Experts is the perfect solution. Simply put, when you sign up for the MyWebsite by Experts package, you will save the time and the money you might otherwise have spent on a long-winded creative process. MyWebsite by experts is targeted towards small and medium sized businesses, freelancers and self-employed business people who are looking for elegant website design but who may not have the staff to complete such a task. Alongside website design, 1&1 will also take care of updating and the development of the website to further ease the burden on you and your staff.

    The MyWebsite by Experts solution is an all-inclusive package that not only deals with web design but also ongoing maintenance and marketing. This is achieved by continuous updates and a professional search engine optimization strategy to help your products and services reach a wider audience. With a custom made website from MyWebsite by Experts, your site will not only look beautiful but also stand a greater chance of success with minimal developmental input from you. There is simply no easier way to implement a professional custom made website that will grow seamlessly alongside your business or concern.

  • How is a custom made website with MyWebsite by Experts created?

    Since the 1&1 MyWebsite by Experts is an all-inclusive design and development package, you can simply sit back and let our professionals do the work for you. To begin the process, all you need to do is contact us and arrange a free consultation. From here, one of our experts will guide you through the design and development process to build your custom made website. At this point the MyWebsite by Experts advisor will introduce you to the visual configurator through your PC and you will work towards your ideas together over the phone. This design will provide the backbone of your new website and our developers will proceed to a first draft of your new site. Once completed, you will have the opportunity to discuss adjustments and edits to your draft.

    Our goal is to keep you completely satisfied throughout the whole process and for this reason, we are happy to provide an extra round of assessment and development if you feel your custom made website is not optimal. However, once you are happy with your design and functionality, we will upload your website so that it is live and begin the process of SEO to ensure it is visible in major search engines such as Google and Bing.

    However, this is only the beginning for your custom made website and our experts are there to guide you through the rest of the process. By constantly monitoring your site’s performance, and proactively optimizing your settings, you can be sure that all of your SEO needs are taken care of. We also monitor visitor behavior and the effectiveness of your content, which you can change at any time by contacting us via telephone or email – all at no additional cost.

  • How long will it take for my custom made website to become live and what will it cost?

    Here at 1&1 we want to help you get your new custom made website up and running in the shortest possible time. With this in mind, our experts will ascertain your wishes and ideas within the first consultation. This will ensure that your website will be ready for action with the fewest possible corrections or edits. In general, you will receive the first draft of your custom made website in around 1 -2 weeks after the first consultation and any fine tuning will be completed by working closely with you.

    However, please keep in mind that the speed at which your custom made website is built also depends upon how quickly you provide us with the requisite data, images and text. Once these elements are in place, then the MyWebsite by Experts developers will be able to devote their full attention to the creation of your professional website.

    Costs associated with MyWebsite by Experts vary depending upon the particular package you select, however, you will benefit from full flexibility and the option to terminate on a monthly basis. Please contact the 1&1 experts on 1-800-MYWEBSITE and we will be happy to guide you through the range of tariffs. Each package offers a range of different services – however, should you wish to upgrade your package at any time to include additional elements, then this is also possible. Whichever elements you decide to use as part of the MyWebsite by Experts packages, you can always count on great value for money and fantastic service. What’s more, our custom made website expertise doesn’t stop once your website is live, as you will receive continuous support from our team of advisors.

  • What if I already have a website, can I still create a website and let 1&1 maintain it?

    If you already have a website then there are no issues with 1&1 using your existing content and images for your new custom made website. Simply let us know that this is your wish and we will work in close consultation with you to ensure you are happy with the outcome. If you also wish to transfer your domain name, then this can also be done for you – you can even register a new free domain with 1&1 to ensure your move goes quickly and smoothly. Finally, 1&1 is also happy to advise you regarding an effective SEO domain name to ensure your website enjoys optimal visibility.

  • How can I order my custom made website and can I test it out before it goes live?

    Ordering your custom made website through the 1&1 MyWebsite by Experts packages is simple and takes no time at all. Simply give us a call and our expert designers will be happy to discuss your requirements and help you select the most suitable package for your custom made website project. From this point we will begin to assess your design ethos and exactly what you are looking for in a custom made website. For increased protection the initial consultation is completely risk-free as 1&1 offers a 30 day, money back guarantee in the unlikely event you are unsatisfied.

    Once you have placed your order for your custom made website, you will be able to review and test various features before it goes live online. In fact, you will have the opportunity to review the initial design and then test the website at each stage before it is uploaded to the Internet – the final word is down to you after all. You will not be tied into any contracts before you are happy with your first design and you are also free to make changes once the website is live. Finally, 1&1’s commitment to your satisfaction means we will always strive to provide you with exactly what you are looking for.

  • What happens after my new website is online?

    Once we have created your new custom made website and uploaded it to the Internet, our experts will begin the development and optimization of your website. This is extremely important since the trends and fashions relating to websites are in a constant state of flux and, what may look great today may already be outdated the next. In the worst case scenario, this may have an impact on your website’s functionality. For this reason, the continuous revision of your website is critical to creating a successful web presence.

    Thankfully, when you sign up to the all-inclusive MyWebsite for Experts package with 1&1, you can rest assured that our experts are taking care of these revisions and optimizations on a regular basis. This is achieved by continuous analysis and optimization of your website alongside well-informed advice regarding appropriate content and images. In addition to this, our web experts will regularly audit your website and work together with you on a strategy towards the continued success of your custom made website.

  • How do I know if my website is successful?

    We want you to enjoy continued success with your website and so, with the 1&1 MyWebsite by Experts package, we include a variety of methods to help you measure your success. When you commission a custom made website through 1&1 MyWebsite by Experts, you will also receive full access to your personal control panel. From here you will be able to see for yourself how many visitors you have to your site and how to develop greater engagement. You will also find contact information of your personal advisor at 1&1 – helping you to create a monthly evaluation and implement changes with the utmost efficiency (only within the Pro Tariff). Alongside these services, a detailed evaluation of your key performance indicators is available upon request and performance metrics are also possible – all you need to do is check your current position within search engines. Finally, if you have further questions regarding the success of your website, then please contact our custom made website experts who will be happy to advise you.

  • Is there anything else I need to do?

    The Internet has one vital rule of thumb – be unique! Therefore, the success of your website depends, not only on the design and functionality of the custom made website created by MyWebsite for Experts, but also on your personal images, text and other content. In fact, the more unique, personalized content you wish to upload, the better. Our web designers will be happy to help you fine tune your photos, logos, videos, text, articles and descriptions to ensure your content is always of the highest quality.

    To guarantee you are always on the right side of the law and your custom made website adheres to the required legal status, you must ensure that your contact details are available within the site’s imprint and, where applicable, your texts support the terms & conditions and privacy stipulations relating to your business. We are also happy to create a legally compliant imprint for your custom made website.

  • Can I create an online store with 1&1’s MyWebsite by Experts?

    The 1&1 MyWebsite by Experts Pro is the package to choose if you wish to offer a limited number of products for sale from your website. With this option you can integrate a PayPal minishop into your website for seamless sales of a catalogue containing up to ten unique products at any one time. However, if you are looking for a more comprehensive eStore solution then the MyWebsite by Experts packages are unfortunately unsuitable.

    Here, we wish to communicate our service’s limitations to ensure you know exactly what you can expect from your custom made website. However, we will happily help you with functional and visual links and teasers to an existing online shop so you can easily create a connection between your new custom made website and your eStore. What’s more, for complete integration, our web designers can base your new custom made website designs upon an existing eStore or online shop – the perfect way to present a professional web presence to your many customers.