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Choose your favorite design

Make your website stand out by using 1&1 MyWebsite to choose your favorite from hundreds of professionally made layout designs. The design can be altered at any time after creating your website. You can do this by choosing and adequate layout structure. When creating a professional or business website, you will want to stay away from flashy designs and choose a more neutral look. This also includes the layout. For a professional or business site it should be a clear and organizes structure that resembles the purpose of the website. With personal websites, you have the leniency to choose more artistic and flashy designs because you don't need to portray as serious and professional of an image to your visitors as a business does. Pick the design that best embodies what your website is all about!
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Choose your favorite colors and graphics

After picking your favorite and perfect design for your website, you can choose to change the colors and graphics of the design. Again, you should choose adequate color schemes depending on what type of website you are creating. If you are creating a personal website revolving around your life, family or pets, you will want to make this appealing through choosing noticeable and eye-catching colors and graphics. This will illustrate and supplement the purpose of your personal website. As a professional, you are more likely going to stick to conservative graphics and color schemes to bring across a professional vibe.

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Customize your website structure

Structure your website how you see fit. All that is important is that the structure goes hand-in-hand with the purpose of your website. Besides this, whether for personal or professional purposes, you want to ensure that your contents are well labeled and easy to differentiate, so that you don't run the risk of your visitors being confused where which information is to be found on your website. Build an easy to navigate website, to ensure that your visitors doesn't leave due to being frustrated and ends up going to a different website where they can clearly find their way around.

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