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1&1 Click & Build Applications and 1&1 Web Apps

Over 140 apps: The best open source applications and popular apps

Click & Build Applications

Click And Build Apps
  • More than 40 popular open source applications from a variety of categories
  • Easy installation with just a few clicks, two different installation options
  • Many useful extensions

A few clicks of the mouse in your 1&1 Control Panel is all it takes to install an app on your webspace! Choose from two types of installation:

Safe Mode is for those who consider security and convenience their top priorities. You’ll only have access to the default plugins, but we manage the apps for you, taking care of updates, security patches, and more. However, you always have the option to switch to Free Mode!

Free Mode offers maximum freedom and control. 1-click installation and the ability to code plugins yourself at anytime makes you the boss! We’ll keep you informed about necessary updates, which you’ll also make on your own

All 1&1 Click & Build applications are available for free download for use with Linux operating systems.


Web Apps

Web Apps
  • Upgrade your website with professional apps
  • Easy to integrate
  • Over 100 apps available

Whether you'd like to add a Picasa web album, reviews on Foursquare, or your company's LinkedIn profile, with 1&1 Web Apps it's easy to add a whole new dimension of possibilities to your website!