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No matter what your web plans may be, a 1&1 Web Hosting package (Linux) will provide you with the keys necessary for success! Thanks to a number of useful open source apps from a variety of categories, installation of enhancements such as a blog, forum, gallery, shop and much more is possible with just a few simple clicks and no complicated setup!

1&1 Click & Build installation in free mode or safe mode

Click & Build
If you demand maximum flexibility, or want to write plugins yourself, you should choose Free Mode: use the 1-click installation to save time - but you can change your code at any time! For updates and security patches, we will inform you of them, however you will need to carry them out on your own manually. If you are seeking maximum comfort and safety, install apps in Safe Mode! Then only default plugins are possible, and we manage all the apps for you. Meaning, we will push safety patches and updates through to your installs automatically. Switching to Free Mode is possible at any time.

Maximum freedom via Free Mode

In free mode you can save yourself time-consuming configurations of open source apps you need for your online project. 1 & 1 Click & Build applications allows for minimal installation time, just a few clicks and your desired app is operational. After installation, external plugins can be installed and code can be changed. For updates and security patches, we will inform you of them, however you will need to carry them out on your own manually.

Maximum convenience and security with Safe Mode

When installed in Safe Mode, 1amp;1 takes care of all updates and security patches for your application. Because of these security updates, in Safe Mode it is not always possible to change code in external plug-ins. It's ideal for beginners starting an online project, as you don't have to worry about keeping your application up to date. Plus, if you want more flexibility, you can easily switch to Free Mode.

Easily find appropriate applications

Sometimes it is definitely difficult to figure out which specific CMS or blog system is optimal for your needs and to what extent you should actually use it. Many different Click & Build applications can accomplish the same function (for example Joomla!, WordPress and Drupal), yet offer different functionality. Testing the simplicity, handling, and functions of apps is a great way to figure out how applicable they are to your project.

With our new evaluation version, you have just that- a 30 day trial period in which the app you’re using can be tested for compatibility and switched between Free or Safe Mode. If you decide after the 30 day period that you no longer need the app, it will be automatically removed.

The best Apps, made better!

We've compiled for you the 5 most frequently used apps: WordPress, Joomla!, Typo3, Drupal, and Magento.