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No matter what your web plans may be, a 1&1 Web Hosting package (Linux) will provide you with the keys necessary for success! Thanks to a number of useful open source apps from a variety of categories, installation of enhancements such as a blog, forum, gallery, shop and much more is possible with just a few simple clicks and no complicated setup!

1&1 Click & Build Applications

Click & Build - Wordpress

Your own WordPress blog

Share whatever you're currently interested in with the world! Regardless of general or specific topics, communication to a private or public audience is very easy to accomplish with a professional blog from WordPress. With the 1&1 Click & Build WordPress app, you'll save time and confusion that comes with installation and configuration- a straightforward process with just a few clicks is all you need to get started!
Click & Build - CMS

Your own website using Joomla, Drupal or Typo3

Looking for a simple way to design your own professional website? With Joomla, Drupal or Typo3 you can create anything from a simple website to one with a complex corporate appearance. These content management systems install easily within your web hosting package, and provide you with simple, reliable management of your website.
Click & Build - Magento

Your own online store with Magento

Sell your product around the clock with an online store. Establishing an online store can be a time-consuming and delicate process- but not with 1&1 Click & Build apps! With Magento, for example, you have access to powerful marketing, search engine optimization, and catalog management tools that will create an e-commerce site adaptable to your needs. Selling on the Internet is easier than ever!