Dynamic Cloud Server Management

1&1 Cloud Server App - free app available for download

1&1 Server Monitoring CloudServer
  • Quick and easy management of your 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server
  • Configure Virtual Machines on the go
  • Manage all settings everywhere, at any time

Now better, faster, and with even more features!

Manage your 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server on the go with the new 1&1 Cloud Server App.

From your smartphone or tablet, configure your server from scratch or according to your specific requirements. Configuration is possible via convenient sliders for each VM.

NEW: now includes the management of snapshots, a clear listing of all servers and overall optimization.

Comprehensive information for your servers, wherever you go

The app provides you with an overview of your 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server* and all the virtual machines contained within.

Check the operational status of the IP Address, hard drive capacity, operating system selection, and much more.

The Server Status display provides an overview of if your server is online, or whether there could be a potential problem. In addition, an overview of the estimated costs provides you with an easy way to manage your server budget.

If you need more virtual servers, you can order and configure them directly through the app!

Download the new 1&1 Cloud Server App now, free of charge, for iOS or Android!

  • Apple App-Store

    Apple App Store

    Follow the link to iTunes and install the app on your Apple device!

  • Android App-Store

    Android App Store

    Follow the link to the Android Market and install the app on your Android device

Simply scan the QR code below to download directly to your mobile device

*Please note: To use the 1&1 Cloud Server App, you must have an active 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server.