1&1 Dynamic Content Catalog

Entertainment and up-to-date news on your site

Content Modules
  • Increase the appeal of your website
  • Choose from a variety of topics
  • Automatic news updates

Endless possibilities with the 1&1 Dynamic Content Catalog

With the 1&1 Dynamic Content Catalog you can put games and relevant news onto your website. Whether you want to give your vistiors news updates on the stock market, your current projects, specialized products, or a detailed weather forecast, there are a variety of categories available to choose from. All news will be updated automatically. Simply select your country, category, and subcategory and you‘ll receive a snippet of code that you can easily embed into your website.

And don‘t forget to add some fun - the 1&1 Dynamic Content Catalog lets you choose from games like Blackjack, AudioRemember, ScrollPuzzle, and much more. The games will give your visitors a little extra incentive to come back to your site!