Control Panel

Your control panel for all data and settings

Control Panel
  • Access to server data, server administration and new installations
  • Have your data, invoices and settings under control from anywhere
  • Set up and administrate domains and eMail-accounts
  • Activate and adjust applications and functions
  • Check and edit your personal data
  • Access from every PC with internet-connection

Your 1&1 control panel offers you:

Server Administration

Manage and control up to approximately 260,000 files and all the important functions of your server, such as access and login data to the system, choice of a pre-defined operating system, or a simple restart of your server.


Set up new domains, order additional domains, or move existing domains to your 1&1 package. All relevant settings can be done here: domain names, sub domains, and reverse lookup, as well as DNS settings.


Create and administrate EMail accounts conveniently for your domain. Simply set up a name, select POP3 or IMAP, activate forwarding – anything you want can be done with a few mouse clicks.


SMS as Fax, Fax as EMail, EMail as voice message – the way in which you send and receive your messages is up to you!

Package Upgrades

If you need more performance, ordering is just a few clicks away.


Download useful software (shareware, freeware).


Here you'll find all relevant information and invoices concerning your contract.