1&1 Coupon Code Tool

Design, implement and manage coupon campaigns easily

  • Enhance your sales by motivating your customers with special incentives
  • Send individual coupons (e.g. customer loyalty) or regular-use coupons
  • You control the coupon specifications- discounts for specific products, the entire cart amount, free shipping, or even free products!

A simple way to increase your business

Awaken the inner bargain hunter within your customers by using coupon codes!

Retain existing customers while gaining new ones

Offer coupons to loyal customers with an individual code, available for one-time use. Or add a coupon to the packages of first-time customers, creating a nice incentive for them to return to your shop. Viral coupon codes (displayed on your homepage/social networks) can also turn indecisive visitors into customers!

Superior Flexibility

You’re most familiar with the desires of your customers. That’s why the configuration options for your coupons are so flexible! Offer fixed discounts (e.g. $10 off) or a percentage discount (e.g. 10% off of the shopping cart total) or offer free shipping.
Want to promote a certain group of goods? It’s easy to limit your campaign to a specific product category, so you can give a discount applicable only to jackets and winter pullovers. Or, add a free product to your customers’ cart with a minimum purchase amount.

Statistical Analysis

Keep track of the campaign success via statistics. See at a glance how many coupons were converted and the profit a specific campaign generated. With this knowledge you can optimize and plan your next campaign.