Suggest additional items to your customers

  • Simple, automatic and free advertisement within your eShop
  • Offer customers additional products
  • Free and effective

What is Cross-Selling?

Cross-Selling is when you make recommendations for customers during their purchase process on your eShop website. You start by pre-defining items that relate to one another and select which items that you'd like to display with which category. During the customer's purchase process, these additional items will be suggested to the customer, based on items that he or she has chosen.

Cross-Selling Benefits

The advantage of Cross-Selling is that customers see items from your eShop which they may not have seen without this prompting and possibly would not have thought of ordering. It's a simple way to show what your shop has to offer.

It's also an efficient way for you to advertise other items within your eShop or promote specific items that you'd like to feature. This is particularly helpful if a customer enters your shop by following a reference to a particular product; they would then see your featured product and may purchase a more expensive item or multiple items.

In both cases, the customer sees a greater assortment of your products and gives you more opportunities to sell your items!

Free of charge and effective

Cross-Selling does not cost you anything extra- but the effects can be substantial. Advertise your products in your eShop using Cross-Selling and see the results for yourself!