E-mail Templates

Ready made customer e-mail templates...

  • Send e-mails automatically to your customers
  • Ready-to-go templates have been prepared
  • Automatic sending for many operations
  • You will automatically receive e-mails with information that you need

Communicate automatically with your customers

Your customers can be kept up to date on all the important information that they need to know, with minimal effort from you.
These e-mails are automatically sent to the customers - no need for you to do anything. Automate prompt communication with your customers - we have already prepared numerous e-mails for this purpose.

  • Order receipt
  • Order delivery
  • Purchase of item via eBay
  • Customer registration
  • Password reminder
  • Item recommendation
  • Newsletter confirmation

Automatic insertion of customer data

Automatic sending - as soon as a customer carried out a corresponding operation, he/she will receive the corresponding customer e-mail.
The personalised data of the customer and the items will be automatically inserted. Accordingly, the customer will receive an e-mail which is tailored to him/her.

You will be informed automatically

You will be informed immediately via e-mail of any operation in your eShop. The 1&1 eShop automatically keeps you updated about:

  • Order receipt
  • Contact inquiry of a customer
  • Messages from the eShop system
  • Notification of transmission errors
  • Import/export log

Easy and free of charge

You will not incur any additional costs - and your customers are always kept up to date.