Windows Server Standard

Windows Server Standard

  • Choose from Windows 2008 R2 Standard and the new Windows Server 2012 Standard
  • More reliable and more flexible server infrastructure thanks to built-in virtualization function and additional web abilities
  • Save time and money with powerful tools: a higher level of control over your server and consistent configuration and administration tasks
  • Even better safety for your data and your network thanks to expanded safety functions

Web Application Platform

The improvements of IIS and the Windows web platform lessen the effort for administration and support of web based applications, enhance security for web based applications, improve data transfer services, and upgrade the functionalities as well as the availability and performance of web based applications and services.

Administration Efforts

Thanks to new functions, the current administration of daily operative tasks becomes easier. You can execute these tasks directly on the server or via a PC, accessing the server remotely.

Terminal Server – Client License

Client licenses (TAL) for Windows terminal server are not part of the Windows Server Standard Package and have to be provided by the customer, if installation and/or utilization are desired.

Interaction with Windows 7*

The interaction is optimized especially for Windows 7 PCs: With DirectAccess, remote PCs can be connected to business servers inside a network with ease – and without setting up a VPN. For private and for public PCs, the combination of remote desktop, virtualization of presentations and remote desktop gateway guarantees secure network access. The BranchCachTM function allows for better performance for branch offices.

* Active Directory not available for network security reasons