Item Listing Options

Options to help you sell more

eBay time controlled
  • Free scheduled publishing on eBay through the 1&1 eShop
  • Buy-It-Now feature for instant sales
  • Allow customers to place bids
  • Sell your items at a fixed price

Scheduled Publishing

You set when your offers start. Simply choose the day you'd like your items to go online, and they will automatically be published on your website on that date. You can even have different start times for different items. The Scheduled Publishing feature is included free of charge with all 1&1 eShops. This saves you time and money!


With the Buy-It-Now option, your potential buyers will have the option of purchasing your items at a fixed "Buy-It-Now" price, without having to place a bid. This way, if a buyer is interested in one of your items, he/she can purchase it instantly.

Since the Buy-It-Now option is offered simultaneously with the regular eBay bidding option, you will not lose any potential customers. If the Buy-It-Now option is not being used, your potential buyers can just bid as usual.

Fixed Price

You can also sell your items at a fixed price, without the option to bid. In this case, you use eBay as a marketplace where you offer your items and assortments. Customers will not place any bids, but they can select an item to purchase. A link will direct the customer to your eShop where they can complete the purchase.