eBay Integration

Sell your eShop products on eBay and get more customers!

  • Sell your products on the largest online marketplace in the world
  • Simple setup via the configuration menu of your 1&1 eShop
  • Free image display for your items
  • Interested parties will automatically reach your eShop

More Success With eBay

Use eBay, the largest online marketplace in the world - with several million visitors every day. Advertising on eBay is a low-cost and efficient way to sell items and advertise new items at the same time. When potential buyers search for your product, items submitted to eBay from your 1&1 eShop will automatically be listed in the search results. When buyers view your product, other products that you sell on eBay will also be featured.

How it works:

Integrating your eShop products with eBay can be done directly in the configuration menu of your 1&1 Control Panel. 1. Register with eBay
Before you can integrate your eShop with eBay, you have to register with eBay. The registration is free of charge. 2. Activate your eBay connection in your 1&1 Control Panel.
Only you may activate your eShop on eBay. You define your range of products by item, description and start price - and transfer the product to eBay with a click of the mouse.

The Perfect Overview

Everything you need to manage your products on eBay can be done conveniently in the eBay area of your 1&1 eShop Control Panel. In the eShop Control Panel, you can:

  • View all of your items currently selling on eBay.
  • View all of your items that have already been sold on eBay.
  • View the time remaining for your listing/auction.
  • Create and edit eBay listing/auction templates.

Processing and Sales

Once a customer has decided to purchase your eBay product, he or she will click on a link to your 1&1 eShop. Here, the customer will find the item already in the shopping cart.
The customer can then browse around in your eShop and place additional items from your product range into the shopping cart. Finally, the customer will purchase and pay in your eShop as your shop customer.

Cross selling with products offered on eBay

Use eBay as an advertising platform for other items from your eShop! If a customer decides to buy one of your products offered on eBay, he/she will be transferred to the shopping cart of your 1&1 eShop, where the order will be completed.
At this point, you can also show your customers similar products from your eShop and encourage them to browse through your other products!