E-mail Accounts

1&1's extremely flexible, easy-to-use and secure email service


We now offer even more features and space for e-mail communications. Mailbox space has been increased to 2 GB*. In addition to POP3, the IMAP mail protocol is also now supported. You can also protect your mailbox with Spam Filter and Virus Scanner.

Your choice of mail protocol

POP3 (Post Office Protocol-version 3)

POP3 accounts are mailboxes on 1&1's servers that hold e-mail addressed to you. Every address you create can be personalized the way you want it, and you can configure the destinations. Each e-mail account is independent and can be set up to be accessed by specific users or by administrators.

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol)

IMAP is an advanced protocol for sending and receiving e-mails. With IMAP, e-mails are stored on the 1&1 mail server so you’ll have access to your mail wherever you are and on whatever computer you use! Plus, you can easily set up folders so incoming mail can be sorted into the folders you designate.

You can select your preferred mail protocol and configure all aspects of your e-mail accounts at any time through the 1&1 Control Panel.

*Combined mailbox quota space per account may not exceed 25 GB.