Spam Filter & Virus Scanner

Don’t let viruses and Spam slow you down. 1&1 now protects ALL accounts with Virus Guard and our own customizable Spam Guard.

Virus Guard

What are viruses?

Viruses are pieces of malicious code designed to enter your PC without your permission and go into action unnoticed. Once inside, they can replicate and distribute themselves along your personal network and beyond, causing damage to your files and erasing your data.

Stay productive

The most common ways a virus can be spread are via macros and executable files. These typically enter your PC or network as e-mail attachments. Viruses caused damage in excess of $10 billion worldwide in 2003 alone, so virus protection is vital to productivity.

Reliable virus protection

  • All e-mail accounts are protected
  • Incoming e-mail is automatically checked at the border of our network
  • Infected files are automatically removed – never even reaching your computer!
  • If a virus is detected, you will receive immediate e-mail notification

Spam Guard

What is Spam?

Spam is a slang term referring to unsolicited e-mail – the Internet equivalent of postal junk mail. The Spam problem has been increasing, and although it’s difficult to eliminate completely, 1&1 gives you an easy and effective way to handle Spam.

Introducing Spam Guard from 1&1!

  • All e-mail accounts are equipped with Spam filtering technology
  • Customize the level of protection that best suits your needs – low, medium, or high
  • Whenever you receive Spam mail, the message will be marked “SPAM” in the subject line so you can easily ignore it
  • Update your settings easily and at any time through the 1&1 Control Panel
  • Works with your defined filter rules – the marked “SPAM” e-mails are automatically sorted into the designated folders