Bundle Items (Sets)

Combine items into attractive combinations for your customers

Item Bundles
  • Offer complete packages consisting of several items
  • Combine items from any product category
  • Sell more by offering a reduced price on bundled items

Why can sets be beneficial?

Sets allow you to combine items that relate to each other: When you offer books or wines why not offer related accessories at the same time? You will achieve more sales as a result. With bundles - sets of related items - you offer your customers practical sets from a mix of your items.

How do bundles work?

A bundle (set) will have an individual product number, no matter how many single items the set consists of. The bundles can also consist of item combinations from different product groups.

Shipping and discount options

Since bundles consist of several parts, which however are delivered as a set, your customers can benefit from lower shipping costs; and you can sell the single items at a lower price in the bundle if you wish to do so.
The effect: Customers often prefer to take an offer of a set price rather than two single items. It is therefore worth it to combine in a clever way and to offer these combinations accordingly to customers in addition to the single items.