Define various discount settings

  • Create discount categories for items
  • Give discounts to single customers or customer groups*

Define discounts for customers and customer groups*

You can easily assign special attributes to single customers and customer groups. For example, a discount attribute with the value 7.5 specifies a special discount of 7.5% for a customer group. If an attribute named discount also exists directly for this customer, it takes priority over the group attribute. This percentage will subsequently be deducted from the total amount in the shopping cart.

Discount categories of items

You can also provide single items or whole item groups with discounts - you can offer these discount items to certain customer groups or to all customers.
Discount activities such as introductory prices, sale prices or warehouse clearance can be realized easily and efficiently. You can promptly react to discount activities of your competitors.

Define customer groups

The convenient customer administration offers you as the eShop operator many options: e.g., single customers can be looked up according to zip code area.
You can divide your customers into self-defined groups, e.g. regular customers or club customers. All customer data can also be exported into or imported from other programs.

* Only Advanced eShops can create customer groups.