Setup Wizard

Fast setup of the data for your 1&1 eShop

eShop Setup Wizard
  • One time setup for your merchant information
  • Easily configure sales tax calculation
  • Define your unit measurements (US customary or metric)
  • Select a time zone for your eShop
  • Choose a data load method

Uploading your merchant information

The Setup Assistant makes it easy to enter all of the data that is relevant to your eShop. After you enter the data in the appropriate fields, the eShop processes the data and creates unique forms. Your address will automatically be included on the invoices that you send to your customers.


Unit Measurements

Choose whether you'd like your eShop to display metric units or standard US customary units.

Time Zones

Here you can set/change a time zone for your eShop. The time will automatically adjust for daylight savings.

Tax calculation

With the Setup Wizard, you can choose to enable/disable tax collection on your eShop website. This is particularly useful if you're a smaller merchant and don't want to charge your customers taxes.
If you'd like to enable tax collection on your eShop website, select the tax rate which applies for your items. Once entered, the tax rate is valid everywhere in your eShop.
You can also select whether you would like to specify gross prices for consumers or net prices for merchants, and more! To learn more about the Tax Calculator, click here.

Import data from a previous version of a 1&1 eShop

If you already have a 1&1 eShop, you can order a new one and import all of your existing data.

Lead demo data

Check how everything looks and get to know your eShop. You can create demo data and just transfer it to your eShop. You do not need to enter all of your items first!