Administrator and Additional Users

Assign rights of your eShop as the administrator to employees

Eshop Users
  • Assign privileges to additional users
  • You are the sole administrator with full privileges
  • Build up your own internal structure
  • Ideal for shops with several employees

Privilege transfer makes you more flexible

As the administrator, you alone have full access to all areas of your 1&1 eShop and you can transfer certain rights to employees. They can then work within their assigned area separately and independently from each other.
The following privileges can be transferred to additional users:

  • Basic settings
  • Item administration
  • eBay
  • eShop designer
  • Publishing
  • Customer administration
  • Order administration
  • Marketing
  • Import/export

Combine privileges

How you assign the privileges is entirely up to you. For example, you can assign several additional users the same privileges and one user different privileges for several areas.
Each additional user can work with your 1&1 eShop from anywhere online and may only access the assigned areas. This enables several specialists to work together from different locations.

Your administrator privileges

Of course, as the administrator you have privileges for all areas – one area is even solely reserved for you: the user administration. Only you are able to assign or cancel privileges for additional users.