1&1 FormBuilder

Acquire valuable contacts and information with online forms

  • Design eye-catching and compelling surveys using easy-to-use 1&1 FormBuilder.
  • Choose a template or, for the creative, design your own style.
  • Analyse form answers in an informative database.

Choose a template or create your own

1&1 offer a number of popular templates for you to use. Of course, they can all be adapted to your web design - you can even change the colors and define the contents to suit. It's so simple; just a few clicks - and it's up and running.

Need something more specific? Then easily create your own forms for any purpose with FormBuilder. You don't need to program anything, just click to combine the components you want using a special “Online assistant” to guide you.

Collect qualified and better leads - make your own form

With our easy admin menu, you can make your own form for any purpose. So, if you haven't found the form for you, here's your chance to design the ultimate solution for your needs.

Example: You’re an estate agent and want to collect interested client leads. You can create a form asking potential customers what they are looking for, such as their preferred area, number of bedrooms required and other amenities sought. Customers will like your professional and efficient way of working – and you’re also saving lots of time.

See the results!

The information that your visitors enter in your forms is saved in a special Internet database which can be viewed at any time and can be e-mailed to you! That's the perfect solution to those time-sensitive topics such as an order form.