Dual Hosting

Web Hosting. Twice as secure!

Geo Redundancy
  • Double Security:
    Redundant data centers
  • Super Fast:
    300 Gbit/s connectivity
  • Future-proof:
    More than 6,000 specialists!
  • Environmentally Friendly:
    Powered by green energy!

1&1 is the only web hosting company that protects your website with dual hosting.

At 1&1, everything is professionally backed up- from the smallest package on up!

  • Your website is simultaneously hosted on two separate server clusters in two geographically separate data centers. If the first location is unexpectedly interrupted, your site will automatically continue running in the second location- without any data loss.
  • Locations are in sync and immediately available with your live data.
  • There are no long downtimes due to maintenance work at 1&1. Necessary maintenance measures can be carried out almost uninterrupted- your information stays online while we maintain the systems.