Google™ Sitemaps

Send your website pages to be indexed by Google for optimization from the ultimate Search Engine.

Google Sitemaps
  • Provide additional information about your key pages for improved search results.
  • Analyze information on poorly optimised pages and links.

How Google finds your pages

Search engines such as Google find out about your site by deploying software that ‘crawls’ the web looking for information about pages, content and links. Repeat visits ensure that changes and updates are logged.

What does it do for me?

To proactively attract traffic to your site, the regular submission of your website’s details on your 1&1 Control Panel is the place to start. This allows Google to guarantee the most up-to-date information for search queries. Correspondingly, your website is posted higher and higher when casual surfers enter your keywords on searches.

Easy as pie

All dispatches of site maps and URLs to Google are facilitated through the 1&1 Control Panel and are free of charge to all customers who require them. All that is required to guarantee an ongoing flow of traffic to your website is the resubmission of changes to your site!