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1&1 MailXchange 4.0

Main Features


Regardless of whether you choose to use ActiveSync via a web browser, Outlook® or your smartphone, you'll always have access to your updated inbox. You can also collect e-mails from multiple accounts by forwarding them to your MailXchange inbox. Plus, you can respond from up to 5 outside e-mail aliases by setting the addresses up in your account.

Each user will get a personalized e-mail account featuring your domain extension ( All MailXchange e-mail accounts hold up to 10 GB of mail and you can easily track your storage limits from your start page.

With the E-mail feature, you can:

  • Send e-mail to both internal and external contacts
  • Use your existing Outlook® account with MailXchange e-mail
  • Centralized management of existing email accounts like MSN, Yahoo, Gmail and many more through your MailXchange account.


The calendar feature makes it easy to organize your schedule. View your schedule as a daily, weekly or monthly calendar. Add appointments, schedule meetings and more! All appointments in your calendar can be viewed and edited at anytime. You don’t need to be in the office to change them.

With the Calendar feature, you can:

  • Request an e-mail notification of your meetings/appointments
  • Get reminder notifications
  • Set up personal/private appointments
  • Set up team/company meetings
  • Link documents, tasks, contacts, and projects to your calendar
  • View shared calendars
  • Grant read/write permissions for specific users
  • Search your calendar by keyword, participant, group, resource, and more
  • Check availability of physical resources


With the Contacts feature, you can:

  • Fill up to 100 data fields with information for each contact
  • Attach images (logos, photos, etc.) for your contacts
  • Add relevant files to contact details
  • Link contacts to appointments, tasks, projects, or folders
  • Manage e-mail distribution lists
  • Set permissions/rights for changing entries
  • Mark contacts as "private," "public" and/or "shared."
  • Sync (self-updating) contact information with Facebook and keep your address book up-to-date


Create reminders or assign group work to team members with the Task tool. You can add priorities and deadlines to tasks or view a list of projects with status updates.

With the Tasks feature, you can:

  • Mark tasks as Private, Public, Shared or Global
  • Add priority status to tasks
  • Indicate importance status
  • Monitor progress made on individual or team tasks
  • Request notification and reminders
  • Assign tasks to others in your team/company
  • Link documents, contacts, etc., directly to a task


Push functionality ensures that you are always optimally informed on your smartphone (eg. iPhone, Android or Windows Mobile). Whenever you receive an e-mail, it will be automatically "pushed" forward to your mobile device. You do not need to actively sync your phone to see your new e-mail.

You can synchronize calendars, tasks, contacts, and e-mails. When you make an appointment on your cell phone, it is automatically "pushed" to your MailXchange account. This way, everyone on your team stays informed.

All devices with ActiveSync are supported on the following operating systems:

  • Apple iPhone, iPad
  • Google Android
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile
  • Symbian
  • WebOS


Drive is a new feature from 1&1 that allows you to upload files for easy access from your web browser on any computer. This means that you can work with documents in multiple locations. You can share files with other users allowing several users to view and edit current project versions. It is also possible to display pictures as a slide show and to play audio and video files directly within your web browser.

1&1 assigns each account with 2 GB of Drive space per user which can be extended with additional storage.

Data Security

We regularly back up your MailXchange data and store it centrally on our servers in our state of the art data center. Even if your computer crashes, your information will not be lost.

System requirements

The minimum resolution for 1&1 MailXchange Server is 1024 x 768. You can adjust the resolution to higher settings allowing you to view more information on a page.

Browser Requirements

  • Internet Explorer 7.0 and higher are supported
  • Firefox Version 3 and higher are supported
  • Chrome 9.0 and higher are supported

Additional Requirements

  • Cookies must be activated
  • JavaScript must be activated
  • Popup Windows must be enabled

MailXchange Outlook Connector Requirements
Operating System (32 + 64 bit):

  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows 8+
  • Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013