1&1 Ad-Efficiency Monitor

Advertise successfully with price search engines

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  • Utilize your marketing budget efficiently: control and manage your costs for price search engines
  • Fast access to statistics: see the number of visitors and orders which arrived by shopping portals or price search engines
  • Always up to date: all data is automatically refreshed

Cost-effective advertising on the Internet

Most online shoppers utilize price search engines to find the best offer on the web. Advertising in these search engines is a good way to gain visitors and customers to your eShop. The 1&1 Ad-Efficiency Monitor allows you to keep tabs on the efficiency of your advertising.

Control your marketing budget

No complex calculations needed: the 1&1 Ad-Efficiency Monitor shows you clear and well-arranged statistics, including the number of visitors, orders and the ratio between visitors and orders (conversion rate). You’re also able to see the achieved cart values and the profitability achieved by each price search engine.

Manage your marketing budget

With the information given by the 1&1 Ad-Efficiency Monitor it is easy to identify which sites really help you to increase your profit and if advertising there is really worth your investment. With this knowledge you can easily plan your future advertising campaigns.