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Online Office

    Domains and e-mail addresses are included in every 1&1 Web Hosting package. 1&1 is the first provider to offer a fully featured Online Office solution alongside an online e-mail program with calendar and contact management. 1&1 Online Office includes word processing, spreadsheet and presentation applications for up to 1,000 employees, each with 2 GB personal storage - these features are already included in the package price.

  • Use the most important Office applications on any Internet-enabled PC without
    having to install any software - do it all simply through your web browser.
  • Create, edit and save documents: all your data is stored centrally in 1&1's
    high-powered data centres - You can access them anytime and anywhere, password-protected and SSL-encrypted.
  • Compatible with all current Office file formats: Open and save as .doc, docx , .html, .rtf, .odt, .xls, .ods, .ppt and more.
  • You automatically have the most up-to-date version, and we look after updates and licenses without any hassle or additional costs!

Benefits at a glance

Your 1&1 Online Office is always at hand

Whether at home, visiting a customer or at a hot-spot: You always have access to your 1&1 Online Office documents. All you need is a PC with Internet access - leave your USB Sticks and external hard drives at home!

Simple and flexible: 1&1 Online Office

1&1 Writer (word processing), 1&1 Sheet (spreadsheet) and 1&1 Show (presentations) offer you access to standard office functionalities, wherever you are. 1&1 Online Office is MS-Office compatible, so you can open and edit every MS-Office document simply and intuitively thanks to familiar interfaces.

Share documents

Would you like to share your 1&1 Online Office documents with friends or colleagues? Simply share a password protected folder with others by sending a link by e-mail. Unsafe data transfers by e-mail attachments are a thing of the past!

Data Security

With 1&1 Online Office, your data is safer against loss or theft than on a local storage device thanks to 1&1's backup routines and SLL-encrypted data transfer to our modern, high-powered data centres.

1&1 Writer

1&1 Writer: Word Processing

With 1&1 Writer, you have access to all central word processing functionalities. Just as in MS Word, you can format texts, check spelling and grammar, create a table of contents and much more.

1&1 Sheet

1&1 Sheet: Spreadsheet

Get straight to the point with 1&1 Sheet! Create spreadsheets with various worksheets and use advanced and standard features such as auto-fill.

1&1 Show

1&1 Show: Presentations

Create presentations quickly and intuitively with 1&1 Show. Design your slides with text, tables and graphics. Position graphical elements precisely with drag-and-drop.

Mobile Storage


Mobile Access to all your files with the new 1&1 Online Storage App!
1&1 Mobile Online Storage

Use 1&1 Online Office now

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1&1 Online Office is included in all hosting packages, 1&1 e-mail packages and in all packages with e-mail mailboxes. Choose your desired package now and start immediately after completing your order by creating an e-mail account and logging into 1&1 Online Office.

I am already a 1&1 customer

Enter office.1and1.com in your browser's address bar and log in with your e-mail address from your 1&1 contract and the password for this e-mail account.

Please note that you can only log in with the e-mail address from your 1&1 contract.