Guaranteed Performance

Guaranteed Performance - ideal for demanding web projects

  • 2 GB of RAM guaranteed for dedicated resources
  • Included FREE in the 1&1 Unlimited Pro package
  • Perfect for storage hungry applications

What is Performance?

How your web project performs is dependent upon several factors. How many visitors are on your site simultaneously, how many inquiries are are sent at the same time to a database, how many other users share your server, and how resource hungry your projects are all contribute to the overall performance of your website.

Faster, stronger, more powerful - thanks to dedicated resources and geo-redundancy

Gone are the days of worrying about the loading time of your website, the reaction speed of database requests, and availability, thanks to 1&1's guaranteed performance of 2 GB RAM for your Hosting package. Combined with geo-redundancy in two separate data centers, your website will have maximum availability. The 1&1 Unlimited Pro package includes the guaranteed performance of 2 GB RAM for free.