PHP 7.0 (beta) available!

1 & 1 PHP7 Beta

The PHP community has developed with a new generation PHP with the introduction of PHP 7. The release of PHP 7 with full 64-bit support is currently scheduled for November 2015. We are releasing PHP 7 in beta in advance of this official release so that our customers can begin to experience the benefits of this newer version. Since this is a beta version, please remember that this version may contain errors and is therefore only recommended for testing purposes. The stable and official releases of PHP 5.6, 5.5 and 5.4 remains available for regular use until the official release of PHP 7.

Upon the final, stable release of PHP 7 by the community, we will update our PHP 7 (beta) version for your use automatically.

Bring the dynamics of PHP to your website

1 & 1 PHP Programming
  • Ideal for creating dynamic websites and web applications
  • Easy integration and convenient management of database content
  • Access already proven code thanks to the extensive range of libraries

What is PHP?

1 & 1 PHP Language

PHP ( "Hypertext Preprocessor" ) is a popular and frequently-used scripting language that is embedded in HTML and is especially suitable for creating dynamic websites and web applications. With the ability to integrate different databases in the PHP code, the contents of the site can be easily and conveniently managed.

PHP 5 is the current generation of PHP, with which the software "Zend Engine 2" has been introduced. This not only offers better performance but also a significantly improved object model.

An appropriate PHP version for all requirements

1 & 1 PHP Version

Choose your version of PHP within all 1&1 Linux web hosting packages and 1&1 managed servers. In addition to the latest version of PHP (5.5), 1&1 also offers version 5.4 and 5.6. The unique feature of version 5.5 is that in addition to some minor bug fixes, among others, the Zend Optimizer + has been integrated, significantly increasing the execution speed of PHP programs.

PHP 5.6 with increased performance and new features

Apart from numerous improvements, the new major PHP release includes highlights such as interactive debugging and up to 10% more performance compared to the previous version. The function hash_equals(), SSL/TLS improvements and the addition of the hash algorithm gost-crypto contribute to more security for PHP applications.