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1&1 offers a variety of backup and recovery solutions for specific needs. Compare the products and decide for yourself!

Compare 1&1 Backup Solutions

Using the index below, find the appropriate backup solution for your needs and ensure your data stays safe.

Value Comparison

1&1 Backup

FTP Storage


User friendly client software

Incremental backup with versioning

100% data encryption (private key)

Unlimited storage capacity

De-duplicated data and traffic


Individually configurable
via convenient software client

Backup variants

Files, databases, full or incremental backup and restore via clientFile based
FTP and SMB protocol

Supported 1&1 products

1&1 Dedicated Servers
1&1 Dynamic Cloud Servers
Alle 1&1 Servers
(Virtual, Dynamic Cloud, Dedicated)


10, 50 or 100 GB included,
no upper limits
250, 500, 1000 GB
fixed quota

Cost per month

From $9.99 (10 GB)From $19.99 (250 GB)

Additional storage

$0.03 per day/$0.99 per month per GB