1&1 Professional Backup

The complete backup solution with software and data storage space

  • Secure: private key encryption in world-class, high-security data centers
  • Efficient: optimized traffic and de-duplicating storage usage
  • Easy to use: manage your backup in minutes instead of hours with automated features
  • Intelligent: configure once and benefit from one-click restore


Optimal security with private key encryption

All communication between your server and the backup storage is secured with private key encryption. For optimal encryption you should choose your own personal password to ensure that only you have secure access to the encrypted data.

Your data is stored in our high security data centers

Modern 1&1 Data Centers provide the highest security standards, with redundant power supply and network. The safety of your data is ensured inside the data center by sophisticated access control and secure areas under permanent surveillance.


Optimized traffic and storage

Thanks to sophisticated hashing of folders and files, combined with block level backup, only changes are sent and stored. On top of that, our built-in data de-duplication and compression makes sure that only the minimum amount of data stored.

Incremental backup and restore

After the initial compressed storage backup, only the changed parts of your data are stored. Every restore is extremely fast and efficient, because only the changes need to be restored. This means that a restore from any time and of any data is possible, quickly and efficiently. If files are deleted on your server, the automatic retention stores them for 28 days before automatically freeing up the space – so everything stays neat and tidy!

No extra traffic costs, large free quota and daily billing

Don’t worry about bandwidth, traffic costs or limited space. With up to 100 GB of included storage and unlimited extra storage, you'll never run out of space. Additional storage is calculated on a daily basis for only $0.03 per GB per day.

Easy to use

Start your backup in minutes

With pre-configured installers and documentation, the installation and setup is easy and fast. Minutes after starting your server, the backup begins.

Automate your backup

Automated backup is built-in – just start the backup client for Linux or Windows, choose the timeframe for backup changes, and that's it! With optional reports you'll be informed about all states of your backup and will be warned proactively if something is wrong.


Powerful features

Take advantage of powerful features with the intelligent client software included. For Windows, the selection of the backup data can be managed via a clear tree structure with a convenient graphical interface. Linux also provides a powerful command line including scriptable options.

Database (MySQL or MS SQL) backup and restore and multi-server backup

Save and restore any MySQL or MS SQL (Windows) based databases, even when they are in use. With one package you can backup all your 1&1 Dynamic Cloud and Dedicated Servers with separate manageable accounts and clients.

Fully configurable backup plans and file types

With 1&1 Professional Backup client for Linux and Windows, backups can be configured to begin automatically, and can be customized as required.

Quickly restore your server backups and files

Restore any backed-up data at any time. With full backup you can restore your selected data with one click, regardless of whether it's a single file, directory, or group of files. A fast internal network connection ensures that restores are quick and reliable.