Ultimate data security with RAID

Premium security for your data thanks to top-of-the-line technical setup

Protection against failure thanks to several mirrored hard disks

  • More security for your data
  • Synchronized reading/writing on multiple hard disks
  • More performance for your server

Always accessible

All new 1&1 servers have multiple hard disks that are interconnected using RAID. This "RAID network" allows increased security of your data as the information is spread out across multiple hard disks. Should one of them fail, the others will simply keep on working – your server won't be affected by any malfunction. It will still be possible to request your data, which will remain accessible without having to adjust any settings manually.

RAID 1 – Automatic Mirroring

No need to worry- synchronous transfer and reading of data are done automatically! Operating in the RAID network is as convenient as a system that uses just one hard disk.

RAID 5 – Power, memory and data security

For higher demands we offer servers with RAID 5 disk array; a cost-effective way of storing data on multiple hard drives safely and efficiently using the memory volume.

Hardware RAID 6 with the new Dedicated Server Business Line by Dell™

The new Business Line X8i and X10i servers include 4 TB and 6 TB SATA hard-disk space respectively, with hardware RAID 6. By simultaneously reading and writing to multiple disks, maximum performance and the top levels of reliability are always ensured.