1&1 Search Engine Marketing Service

Attract new customers to your website and increase sales!

  • A Professional and easy way to advertise with Google AdWords
    Advertising your business with Search Engines is the most successful way to gain new customers. 1&1 Search Engine Marketing Service guarantees you the highest possible success with minimal effort.
  • No waste: regional and industry-specific advertising.
    With 1&1 Search Engine Marketing your products and services are always targeted to the right consumers. This precision ensures optimal use of your budget.
  • No previous experience required.
    We support you with complete campaign definitions and control. So you can focus on your core business while we take care of your advertising success.
  • Personal service provided by 1&1 Professionals.
    Benefit from the knowledge and experience of our Professionals who have managed thousands of successful campaigns and stay personally available to assist you.
  • Flexible and customizable to your needs.
    Whether you have a monthly advertising budget, are marketing for a specific time period or need to pause your campaign, 1&1 Search Engine Marketing Service can be flexibly tailored to meet your personal needs.
  • Complete control of your success through transparent statistics.
    Extensive and easy to understand statistics that enable you to carefully monitor the success and cost of your campaign.

1&1 Search Engine Marketing Service

The prices of 1&1 Search Engine Marketing Service are as follows:

You define your
monthly click budget:
1&1 Search Engine Marketing Service
Monthly Fee
Total cost per month
(depending on the achieved/spend
$50 to $250 1$49.99 2$99.99 to $299.99
$250 to $1000 1$79.99 2$329.99 to $1079.99
$1000 to $3000 1$99.99 2$1099.99 to $3099.99

1 100% of the Click Budget will be used for Marketing Campaigns by Google AdWords and deducted from your account by 1&1.

2 The fee from 1&1 Search Engine Marketing Service starts at $49.99/month.

One time setup fee:
$49 - 6 months minimum contract term.
$79 - 3 months minimum contract term.
$99 - 1 month minimum contract term.