1&1 Server Recovery Tool

Instant server reset with 24/7 support

Server Recovery

The 1&1 Recovery Tool

If you have a severe problem with your server, you can log on to the 1&1 Control Panel and access a Rescue Image via the network, which is automatically loaded into the server’s memory and can be accessed via the Internet. When your server has been repaired, you can change the boot mode of the network interface card with one mouse click, and boot your server using the regular boot mode.

Immediate Reset

With 1&1's new solution, you’ll never have to wait to reset again! You can reset the server, around the clock, from the Control Panel – even if you are unable to directly access the server. Also, unlike other companies, 1&1 has free 24/7 phone support so you’ll get immediate help from our technical support staff.

Adjustable Boot Mode

In addition to resetting your server, you can adjust its boot mode.
There are two options:

  • Regular boot mode for booting from the internal hard drive
  • Special boot mode for loading Rescue Image

Throughout the subsequent boot process, the server will use the boot mode you set up. When logged on to the 1&1 Control Panel you can use your Technical Access Data to change the configuration.

With root level access, it can be difficult to manage your server because of complex program installations and the sheer variety of setup configurations. If you have problems performing a standard reboot, good advice is usually expensive and difficult to find. Not with 1&1!
Control Panel Merch Look for this icon in the 1&1 Control Panel to activate this feature.