Shipping Costs

Adjust shipping costs to suit your needs

Shipping Costs
  • Define flat rate shipping costs
  • Define shipping costs based on size, weight, shipping method and destination
  • Set up delivery zones and freight groups
  • Easy setup with Shipping Costs Wizard

Shipping cost calculation

For each product that you sell, you can have the eShop calculate shipping costs based on the freight category that the item is in, the weight of the item, the destination of the item, and the shipping method. This enables you to administer different items easily. For example:

  • A DVD has a different weight than a dictionary
  • Within the same country, shipping is cheaper than shipping something abroad
  • Up to a minimum order value shipping can be free of charge
  • Pick-up can be cheaper and gift packages more expensive

All this and more can be administered by you easily and conveniently.

Shipping Costs Wizard

The Shipping Costs Wizard is your convenient assistant when it comes to determining shipping costs. It includes important information for secure and accurate shipping cost determination and calculation.