Tax Calculation

Customize the way your eShop will collect taxes

Tax Calculation
  • Configure your eShop to automatically calculate tax rates for US and Canada
  • Tax calculation for EU countries
  • VAT registration option for EU countries
  • Manual tax rate calculation for other countries

Tax calculation for the US and Canada

1&1 eShops can be configured to provide automatic tax updates from By properly setting up this configuration, your items will always be taxed at the most current tax rate available. The rates will automatically be calculated for the state or county to which you'd like to ship your items.

Tax calculation for EU countries

Taxes can be calculated for countries in the EU, and there is an optional VAT registration feature (see information below).

VAT registration

VAT registration only applies if your merchant country is an EU country and the customer is from a different EU country. Certain companies within the EU are assigned a VAT (value added tax) registration number. These companies do not have to pay taxes when they purchase items from your eShop. You can offer your items to these companies and let them enter their VAT registration number, or you can turn off the VAT registration feature. 1&1 eShops turn the VAT registration feature on as the default setting.

Defining VAT rates:

VAT rates may also be defined individually. You either use a global VAT rate for all items or define the tax rate individually for each item. Of course, the customer’s country of origin and if applicable, the tax ID for commercial customers will be considered for the calculation of the value added tax.

Taxes in other countries

For countries outside the US, Canada, and the EU, there is manual tax calculation feature. This will give you a flat tax rate.