1&1 WebDatabase

Create databases with the 1&1 WebDatabase quickly and easily!

Web Database
  • Gather complex information and display it on your website.
  • Present large amounts of data in an easily-ordered manner.
  • Organise calendars, address books and member lists.

Useful and multi-functional

So who needs a database for their website? Simple – anyone who wants to present large amounts of up-to-date, well-organized information. With the 1&1 WebDatabase, you can quickly and easily create a database for anything: address books, calendars, membership/contact lists, catalogs, TV programs, activity listings, and so much more.

Simple, intuitive setup

1&1 makes it easy to create your database. No technical knowledge is needed because 1&1 has done the programming work for you and provides you with a complete database building kit. Select one of the templates for a quick, simple setup. You can easily edit the fields to fit your specifications.

Not using a template? It's still easy to customize your own database - just click on the fields you’d like to include and you’re ready to go!

Included features

  • Password protection– Protect your online data with a secure password, or let your visitors set up their own
  • Picture upload feature– Give your visitors the ability to upload graphics to your site
  • .CSV import/export– Use ‘comma-separated values’ files to back up data or read from other programs
  • Database copy feature– Duplicate existing database structures so you can create new ones without having to start from scratch

Data collection made easy

Any content entered in the form is automatically saved in the database. By customizing the 1&1 configuration menu, the information can be recorded, queried and displayed. Filtering and grouping features keep your data fast at hand.