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Fast, easy implementation of apps to enhance your website!

Web Apps
In your 1&1 Control Panel, you can find a large assortment of popular Web Apps. Present visitors to your website with images from your Picasa albums. Integrate a preview of your LinkedIn profile to increase your network. Enable your customers to contact you quickly via a Skype button. Connect your company's Facebook profile with your website to enlarge your community. Show your visitors what other customers and guests have to say about your business on Foursquare. You can even offer your products via an app like Shopify on your website. Choose from a large number of possibilities!

Numerous professional apps to fit your needs

Utilize apps like facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, SoundCloud, Pinterest and many more!
Web Apps


Add a Facebook "Like" button, display your fans, or your profile on your website. Connect with potential customers via social media.

Web Apps


Attractively integrate your Amazon product offerings on your website.

Skype App


Allow customers to quickly and easily get in touch with you by adding the Skype app to your website.

Pinterest Apps


Integrate a "Pin It" button to your website, or allow your visitors to follow you.

LinkedIn App


Give your website visitors the opportunity to follow your company on LinkedIn.

Soundcloud App


With SoundCloud, implementing audio files to your website is easy.

Twitter App


Offer your website visitors the latest updates about selected topics, show your own profile, or simply provide an option for users to recommend your website on Twitter.

Google+ Apps


Through Google+ your website's visitors can share and recommend your content on Google+.