1&1 Photo Gallery

Fast photo albums online… in minutes!


If a picture is worth a thousand words, 1&1 Photo Gallery is the fastest, easiest way to tell a story on your website. There’s no need to buy expensive, complicated software to display your photos on the web. Point-and-click simplicity and easy-to-follow menus let you create an online picture show in a few short steps, with no technical knowledge necessary.

1&1 Photo Gallery has everything you need to create the perfect online photo album:

  • Easy upload

    Select single photos from any folder on your computer, or upload an entire photo archive at once using a ZIP file.
  • Cool effects

    Create an intriguing slideshow, add background music for your album, rotate your photos to fit the style, or add fade-in/ fade-out effects for a professional look.
  • Preview Page

    Use the preview function to double check your work before publishing your photo album on your website.
  • Multiple web page options

    Create a stand-alone photo album web page, incorporate your photos into an existing website, or use 1&1 WebsiteBuilder to add your photo gallery as you build your new site.
  • Optional Password protection

    Assign a password to your gallery so only you can access and update the photo collection.