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    How-to-video: Get started with your 1&1 Online Store

  • 2Design

    How-to-video: Modifying the design of your 1&1 Online Store

  • 3Editing the Homepage

    How-to-video: Editing the homepage of your 1&1 Online Store

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    How-to-video: The basic principles of products in your 1&1 Online Store


Ecommerce website design

  • I have no experience in eCommerce website design. Can 1&1 eCommerce templates help me?

    It is integral to all online shops to appear attractive and welcoming to visitors on first glance. Ensuring that potential customers experience a good first impression is vital to a successful site. As the most important purpose of an eCommerce website design, it can also be one of the trickiest to get right. Here at 1&1 we offer a variety of packages and eCommerce templates fitted with various tools to help you create and sustain the best eCommerce website design, ensuring your customers an exemplary shopping experience and attracting new clientele.

    All our packages can help you create a sophisticated eCommerce web design, both esthetically pleasing to visitors and allowing for straight-forward navigation. Our packages offer various tools allowing you to choose that which suits your business needs best. 1&1 eShop packages offer site eCommerce templates with over 100 branches, including example arrangements and text content incorporated so to give a comprehensive impression of how your website could look. The tools our packages offer include simplified image uploading and incorporation, and the means to add your own HTML code to your site, ensuring you maximum control over the design of your site. Where our Basic package offers 5 of these elements, our Plus package offers 15, and our Unlimited package offers 100. Additionally, our Basic, Plus and Unlimited packages will automatically generate a sitemap to aid search engines in mapping your site and therefore optimizing its visibility.

    Maintaining a successful online shop can be daunting on the outset. Here at 1&1 we can offer you the support and guidance to ease the burden and help you create a prosperous eCommerce web design.

  • I want my eCommerce web design to be visually striking. How can 1&1 help me?

    The central purpose of eCommerce design is to catch a visitor’s attention and draw them into your site through that initial visual impression. 1&1’s packages can assist you in creating an eCommerce website design that is pleasing to visitors and stands out from your competitors, helping your site grow and your clientele expand. Our wide variety of eCommerce templates grants you the freedom to choose that design which most suits your company.

    All 1&1 packages allow you to upload multiple images per product on to your eStore. This enables you to offer your customers different ways in which to view your product lists with the appropriate and corresponding picture. Our automatic size calculator is able to gage and adjust the size of the pictures as you upload them. This means that you do not have to individually scale your pictures to correspond with the rest of the webpage. This tool is integral in allowing you to easily update and develop your site without endangering the esthetic each time. With maximum freedom you will be able to create an eCommerce web design that reflects your unique company branding and is appropriate to your customer demographic.

  • How can 1&1 ensure that my eCommerce website design is compatible with smartphones?

    With more and more people accessing the internet via smartphones, it is vital that any eCommerce web design is adaptable to a smaller screen. It is integral for eCommerce design to be esthetically pleasing and allow easy navigation on both computer and smartphone screens. Once your site is compatible with smartphones we would hope to see your breadth of customers expand and your site grow.

    All our 1&1 eShop packages are adaptable for smartphone use. This means that image size adjustment, in relation to the other site components, can be adapted for the smaller screen instantly and comprehensively, ensuring your eCommerce design operates equally well in both formats. Our packages offer visitors to the site multiple product list viewing options, increasing the flexibility of your site. Regardless of which of our eCommerce templates you choose for your online shop, with 1&1 packages you can be assured that your site will offer a pleasant shopping experience to your customers whether they are browsing at home on a computer or on the move on a smartphone.

  • Can 1&1 help me create an eCommerce design that is easy for users to navigate?

    Today the Internet is saturated with eStores vying for potential customers. As well as being esthetically pleasing any successful online shop must be clear and hassle-free. It is only too easy for someone browsing your site to choose another that is easier to navigate. To ensure that you retain your customers and continue to attract new ones, 1&1’s eCommerce templates offer sophisticated but clear designs. Each template offered by 1&1 helps to guarantee that site visitors don’t find themselves lost and frustrated. The depth and variety of our eCommerce templates will allow you to choose the eCommerce design that best suits your company’s esthetic and needs.

    All 1&1’s packages provide a search bar on your site to help customer locate your products. Our Basic, Plus and Unlimited packages allow the customers to place their search within parameters such as size and cost. The Plus and Unlimited packages can narrow the search further with categories such as color and material, helping ensure that your customers enjoy a smooth eShopping experience.