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The 1&1 Online Store offers the right eCommerce solution for everyone from the beginner to the global seller. Switching between packages is easy - your store can grow with your business!

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    In just a few steps you'll be up and running with your own online store. Use the setup wizard to fill in your basic data and create a foundation for the success of your business.
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    Quickly and easily present your products online. Provide your customers with various secure payment and shipping options.
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    Whether they're on a smartphone, tablet or PC, your visitors will find your shop is represented perfectly on any device. Ordering from anywhere has never been more convenient!

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Secure choices for your customers

The most popular payment methods are already available in your online store. Payment on account, payment in advance and with a few clicks you can integrate credit cards and PayPal. Ensure that your customers have the freedom of choice.

Start now, stay up-to-date


eCommerce trends are continuously changing- regular updates to meet changing regulations and access to new functions ensure that with a 1&1 Online Store, you're always on the cutting edge.


Reliability through 1&1's geo-redundant data centers

Your 1&1 Online Store operates simultaneously on two geographically separate servers (geo-redundancy). If a server experiences issues, the second server automatically takes over- your store will always be reachable.


1&1 offers expert 24/7 customer support. We have the answers to your questions


24/7 Expert Support

If you have questions about the setup or operation of your online store, our experts are here to help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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Online Store

  • I want to set up a professional online store. Can 1&1 provide me with everything I need to set up my eCommerce website and shopping cart?

    If you’re not sure how to start your own eCommerce website or build an online store, you’ve come to the right place! 1&1 can assist you with every aspect of building an effective eCommerce platform. Choose from four different eCommerce solutions that offer varying levels of customization and control. Each package features an assortment of user-friendly tools that ensure your shop runs smoothly and that your customers enjoy the most satisfying shopping experience.

  • What are the 1&1 package options for setting up an online store?

    Our four package options include:

    Online Store Starter — This entry level merchant website builder offers a robust, yet economical eCommerce solution. The eCommerce website solution includes comprehensive shopping software and unlimited website traffic. It also offers the flexibility to list up to 100 products in five categories.

    Online Store Basic — Our basic package allows you to offer up to 1,000 products and 15 product categories. You also get the 1&1 SEO Cockpit feature, which optimizes your online presence for search engines. This makes it easier for more potential customers to find your store.

    Online Store Plus — When using this eCommerce solution to create your own online store, you can offer up to 10,000 products in 30 categories. Additional features include the ability to connect with Facebook and to further customize your products by adding images and text.

    Online Store Unlimited — As our flagship eCommerce store solution, Online Store Unlimited provides capabilities for unlimited products, unlimited categories and a comprehensive set of software tools. Your customers will also be able to create their own online discounts. It’s the best way to build your own online store!

  • I'm no computer expert. Can 1&1 help me set up my eCommerce website? What kind of support can I expect from 1&1 for my eCommerce website?

    You don’t have to be a “tech whiz” to create your own eCommerce website with 1&1. In fact, many of our customers initially have no knowledge on how to start an eCommerce site. Our goal is to make the process fast and easy. We want you to be able to build your own eCommerce site, regardless of your experience level or technical expertise. Our user-friendly Design Assistant tool enables you to build a professional-looking eStore without the need for extra designers or site builders. Our software provides step-by-step guidance throughout the process of building your online store.

    You’ll also be able to easily manage your site after it’s created, so you can provide the best possible service to your customer base. You’ll also enjoy 24/7 access to our highly trained, dedicated customer support staff who will provide prompt answers to your questions. Reliable eCommerce help is always available when you need it. We remove the intimidation factor, so you can start and maintain an eCommerce site with ease.

  • How do I set up online payments on my eCommerce website?

    Today’s tech-savvy consumers demand convenience, which is why you’ll want to offer a variety of flexible payment methods when you create an online shop. Our website builder allows you to easily add an assortment of online payment options to meet the demands of your customer base.

    Simply access your online store and click on the Settings tab, then select “Payment” in the dropdown menu. Then choose the desired payment method and follow the simple steps for completing the setup. To view step-by-step instructions for setting up your online payment methods of choice, click here.

  • I’m not sure how I want my website to look. How do I set up an online store that is both visually appealing and functional, while also meeting my specific eCommerce business requirements?

    The appearance and design of your eCommerce site is important. An unattractive, cluttered site is a sure way to drive prospects away and keep them from coming back. 1&1 gives you the option to select from more than 100 eye-catching, easy-to-use design templates that are tailored to specific industries. You’ll also have the flexibility to adjust the design features to meet your unique business requirements. Even if you consider yourself to be “designing impaired,” we can help you become a web design pro in no time. You’ll also avoid the expense of having to hire a professional website design firm to build an online store for you.

    Another fantastic visual feature included with all of our eCommerce solutions is the ability to upload multiple images for every product you sell in your store. Your customers can view your products from a variety of angles to get the “full picture.”

    From a functionality standpoint, you’ll be able to offer an eCommerce website that’s easy for your customers to navigate. Your site will feature a large, easy-to-read product menu that allows users to view product categories clearly, which is especially important if you plan on operating a large site. All packages include a search bar to help customers find products even faster, and most enable shoppers to implement their own search parameters. Customers won’t have to waste time searching for the products they want, which increases the likelihood that they’ll actually make a purchase.

  • I want my shoppers to be able to customize their products if they wish. Does 1&1 offer online design functionality?

    Absolutely! One of the many fun features available when you make your own eCommerce website with 1&1 is the product customization tool . Your customers can unleash their “inner designer” by personalizing products such as hats, t-shirts and mugs, as well as other gift items and merchandise.

    Once the customer personalizes his or her product selection, you’ll receive an email detailing the preferences so you can begin the implementation process. Customization makes the entire eCommerce shopping experience more enjoyable, and it will make your customers want to visit your site again and again.

    1&1 provides all the tools you need to create and implement item variants for the customization process. Easily create variants for size, color, flavor and more. To view the easy step-by-step process for creating item variants, click here.

  • How do I attract customers to my online shop?

    Knowing how to start an eCommerce website does not mean it will always be successful. You’ll face plenty of stiff competition, so you need to be able to find ways to attract customers to your site. Several 1&1 packages include a search engine optimization (SEO) feature to help you achieve high rankings on popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Use the SEO dashboard to boost your online presence and stand out from the crowd. You can also actively market your products via popular online distribution platforms such as eBay and Amazon to reach millions of prospects around the world.

    When you build an eCommerce store with 1&1, you’ll also have access to another useful marketing tool: Google AdWords. Google AdWords enables you to place eye-catching ads directly onto Google search result pages. Prospects will be exposed to your store and products even when they’re searching for something else or leisurely surfing the web.

    You can also put the remarkable power of social media to work by tapping into the extensive social networks available via Twitter, Facebook and Google+. The product recommendation functions offered through these networks can entice prospects to visit your website to learn more – which inevitably leads to additional sales. After all, satisfied customers make the best salespeople for any business.

  • It’s one thing to gain new customers, but it can be challenging to keep them coming back. What tools are available to help me retain customers?

    Loyal customers are the lifeblood of any successful business, whether it’s an eCommerce store or a brick-and-mortar retail shop. With an online retail website builder from 1&1, you get valuable customer retention tools that can be an essential component of building and sustaining your business.

    For example, you’ll be able to develop an informative eNewsletter so you can alert your customers of special offers and money-saving promotions. By monitoring the number of newsletter subscribers, you’ll also be able to gauge the level of interest in your products. Our eShop Unlimited package even allows your customers to create their own online discounts, which is an effective way to keep them coming back!

    Keeping in touch with your customers and giving them ways to provide input can also be an invaluable asset to your customer retention efforts. You’ll have the ability to create an email address that corresponds with your eCommerce site’s domain name, making it easy for customers to ask questions or provide useful product or site improvement suggestions. Some of our eCommerce solutions offer the flexibility to create an infinite number of email addresses. This means you’ll have no trouble keeping a finger on the pulse of your customer base.

  • How do I keep track of things like visitor traffic, customer characteristics and buying patterns?

    Having access to timely information regarding your website visitors is important for generating traffic and measuring the success of your online marketing campaigns. All 1&1 eCommerce website builder packages include Google Analytics and eTracker to let you know how users are finding your store – and what they actually do once they get there.

    Get real-time visitor statistics that can help you make the best business decisions. You’ll be able to determine what’s working – and what isn’t working – so you can make necessary adjustments to your business strategies.

  • I’m familiar with those eCommerce stores that suggest additional items to the customer as a way to generate additional sales. Does 1&1 offer this feature?

    Add-on sales are a great way to generate exponential revenue growth. With effective cross-selling , customers who come to your eCommerce site with the intention of purchasing one item often end up buying one or more related items as well. Several of our eCommerce website builder packages include a cross-selling feature that automatically makes pertinent product recommendations to your customers.

    If you sell sporting goods, for instance, site visitors who are shopping for tennis rackets would receive a listing of related products such as balls, clothing and other tennis accessories. It’s a simple process that allows them to add the items to their shopping cart and complete the transaction easily, and hopefully spending more than they had originally intended.

  • Can I sell my retail products internationally on my eCommerce website?

    At 1&1, we take the “world” in the World Wide Web literally. When you build a website to sell products, the main advantage is that you can reach customers all around the world. As a 1&1 customer, you’ll have access to tools that can help you succeed in the international marketplace. You can tailor your store settings to provide as many as 15 language displays and accept a wide range of currencies.

    Regardless of your nationality, you’ll be able to “speak the language” of global commerce, which can take your sales revenues to new heights. With the availability of integrated shipping services, you’ll also be able to offer a variety of shipping options to accommodate global shoppers.

  • Can 1&1 help me with a mobile-friendly eCommerce website? Does 1&1 support mobile devices?

    These days, online shopping isn’t always done by individuals sitting in front of a home or office desktop computer. Modern-day shoppers want the flexibility to purchase products while they’re on the go. 1&1 is the best online store and website builder for solutions that are compatible with mobile devices. You’ll have an online store that is optimized for smartphones and tablets — enabling you to connect with customers wherever they are at the moment.

    Your mobile customers will be able to view visually appealing product images that are perfectly presented on their devices. Tablet users will be able to enjoy a view that is appropriately scaled to larger proportions. The design also automatically adapts to the user’s particular screen resolution. With the added convenience of mobility, you’ll be able to gain additional sales and increase your eCommerce business revenue.

  • I tried setting up an online store with another eCommerce website builder and hosting service, but it was unreliable. How can I be sure my website will always be available to my customers

    Having a well-designed eCommerce store that’s stocked with fantastic products is of little value if your customers can’t access your site. 1&1 goes to great lengths to provide an eCommerce website solution that will always be available to shoppers. We have two geographically separate servers to provide an extra level of protection.

    In the unlikely event that one server goes down or experiences other technical issues, a second server is standing by to provide reliable backup. Your customers won’t experience the frustration of not being able to log on to your eCommerce site, and you won’t have to deal with the lost sales due to an extended server failure.

  • I’m concerned about safeguarding my customers’ personal information. How do I know my online store will be secure?

    If you’re looking to build a shopping website, security is — and should be — a primary concern. By providing you with the ability to offer the most popular payment methods such as PayPal and major debit and credit cards, you and your customers will have complete peace of mind. You’ll know that the most stringent security measures are in place.

    You’ll also have the flexibility to build an online store that accepts cash, money orders and COD payments from customers who aren’t comfortable with providing their personal information online. By giving your customers lots of secure choices, you will allow them to buy from your store with total confidence.

  • I’m a first-time entrepreneur and I’m concerned about costs. How do I set up an online shop without having to make a major financial investment in an eCommerce design and hosting service?

    Another reason why 1&1 is the best website builder for online store owners is the affordability of our products. Many of our packages feature special introductory pricing to help you get started, and our standard monthly rates are friendly to any entrepreneur’s budget. By saving money on your eCommerce website builder, you’ll have more funds available to invest in other areas of your business, such as inventory or marketing.

    You don’t have to let cost prevent you from pursuing your dream of starting your own eCommerce store!

  • I love what I see! Where can I learn more and sign up?

    If you’re ready to start using the best eCommerce website builder to launch your own online store, click on the “Open Your Online Store” button featured throughout our website and sign up! If you have additional questions about any of our eCommerce solutions and wish to speak with a 1&1 expert, give us a call at one of the following numbers:

    US: 1-877-461-2631
    CA: 1-855-221-2631
    Int.: +1 (816) 621-4771

    If you prefer to contact us via email, you can reach us at

    Start an eCommerce website with 1&1 with total peace of mind. Our 30-day money-back guarantee ensures your total satisfaction!