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Selling your products online has never been easier.

With a 1&1 Online Store, everyone from eCommerce beginners to professionals will find it simple to implement their own online store.

A wide array of options are at your disposal, from social media integration and coupon codes to an e-mail marketing tool and easy eBay integration.

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The 1&1 Online Store offers the right eCommerce solution for everyone from the beginner to the global seller. Switching between packages is easy - your store can grow with your business!

The easy way to start selling online

  • Easy Setup
    In just a few steps you'll be up and running with your own online store. Use the setup wizard to fill in your basic data and create a foundation for the success of your business.
  • Store Management
    Quickly and easily present your products online. Provide your customers with various secure payment and shipping options.
  • Mobile Store
    Whether they're on a smartphone, tablet or PC, your visitors will find your shop is represented perfectly on any device. Ordering from anywhere has never been more convenient!

Dependable. Secure. Timely.

Maximum availability, secure transactions and professional service.


Secure choices for your customers

The most popular payment methods are already available in your online store. Payment on account, payment in advance and with a few clicks you can integrate credit cards and PayPal. Ensure that your customers have the freedom of choice.

Start now, stay up-to-date


eCommerce trends are continuously changing- regular updates to meet changing regulations and access to new functions ensure that with a 1&1 Online Store, you're always on the cutting edge.


Reliability through 1&1's geo-redundant data centers

Your 1&1 Online Store operates simultaneously on two geographically separate servers (geo-redundancy). If a server experiences issues, the second server automatically takes over- your store will always be reachable.


1&1 offers expert 24/7 customer support. We have the answers to your questions


24/7 Expert Support

If you have questions about the setup or operation of your online store, our experts are here to help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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1&1 Online Store frequently asked questions

  • I want to set up a professional online store, what eCommerce software options can 1&1 offer?

    For the online entrepreneur, 1&1 offer four solutions with varying degrees of customizability and control allowing you to easily build the best eCommerce platform for your needs. All of our packages are bundled with a number of important tools to ensure your shop runs smoothly and your customers are left with a satisfying shopping experience. Enjoy the customizable shop design; order management and marketing tools; profit from automated customer communications and the option of accepting a number of payment methods including PayPal, credit and debit cards, cash, COD and Money Orders. 1&1 eShop Starter package is an entry level eCommerce solution that still provides comprehensive shopping cart software to enable your online business to become a success. With up to 100 products placed in five categories with unlimited traffic you can get your online business up and running at an economical price. 1&1 eShop Basic and 1&1 eShop Plus offer a higher level of customizability and choice ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 products and 15 to 30 categories for customers who retail a greater number of items. 1&1 eShop Unlimited is the flagship eCommerce solution with unlimited products, unlimited categories and a comprehensive set of eCommerce software tools at your disposal that will help you create the best eCommerce platform for your needs. Customers will benefit from the option to create online discounts and a wealth of useful marketing tools. For larger businesses with multiple administrators, 1&1 have added the ability to create additional user accounts and define user access.

  • I already sell online through eBay, what additional benefits can I expect from 1&1?

    Many customers who already sell their products through eBay may feel restricted by rising costs and increased competition. However, when you make the switch to a dedicated eStore provided by 1&1 you will benefit from the advantages of a unique portal to your unique products. With 1&1 you can liberate your online business from eBay's complicated management system leaving you free to concentrate purely on growing your eCommerce website. With all your product information available through 1&1's simple eStore management system, you won't be sorry you made the switch. Customers having difficulty remaining in control of their finances will also benefit from 1&1's simple pricing plans. With a clear and easily understandable structure, customers can be sure to avoid the headache of calculating eBay fees every month and will have a more advanced level of control of their finances. In addition to this, customers wishing to use 1&1's eCommerce solutions in conjunction with eBay will gain access to a number of advanced features. Enjoy simple eBay integration, free image hosting, easy offer re-activations and a dedicated cross selling platform. Whether you choose to make the switch or decide to employ a cross selling tactic with eBay constituting part of your business plan, 1&1 has the perfect tools to help you gain greater control over your products and orders.

  • I want to extend my customer base, can 1&1 help me?

    1&1 has bundled a number of powerful traffic boosting tools to ensure your eStore continues to grow. Once your eCommerce website is up and running then you are free to employ these tools to help generate sales and attract more traffic to your site. This means that more customers will be drawn to your site as you are more likely to appear higher in search engine listings. All of our packages come with powerful eCommerce software and the ability to add social media buttons linking your store through Facebook, Google+ and Twitter and allowing your customers to keep up with news and updates related to your online business. Google Sitemaps and Product search, Product Search integration and, finally the extra benefits of 1&1's SEO Cockpit, available in the top three packages, will enable your eStore to stand out from the crowd. For more advanced users, purchasing the 1&1 eShop Plus and the 1&1 eShop Unlimited package gives extra access to 1&1's Coupon Code tool allowing you to build discount campaigns and draw in new customers. For a greater level of data control, access to tools allowing you to import and export customer data will also be beneficial. Finally, customers purchasing 1&1 eShop Unlimited will enjoy an even greater level of control with the ability to create customer groups and customer discounts allowing you to target specific groups with specific products and offers.

  • I'm no computer expert, can 1&1 help me set-up my eCommerce website?

    Starting a new online business can be a little intimidating for people with no programming skills, but with 1&1, your eCommerce website will be up and running in just a few simple steps. Take advantage of 1&1's Design Assistant to create a professional looking eStore without the need for extra designers or site builders. 1&1's eCommerce software will guide you through the process step-by-step and, by using our simple drag and drop interface; you have an unprecedented amount of design choices at your fingertips. Design your site around your company's color scheme and customize all your text – telling your customers exactly what they need to know. This ease of use also extends to managing your eCommerce website after you have created your initial online business account. Take control of your product descriptions and images with our easy edit user interface; manage your orders, receipts and invoices; efficiently calculate delivery charges with the Shipping Cost Wizard and easily access all of your data and settings. What is more, enjoy 1&1's unrivalled customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With our highly trained and committed staff, you can be sure that 1&1 will be on hand to answer any queries or questions you may have about starting an online business.

  • That looks like just what I need, where can I learn more and sign up?

    If you want to learn more on how to set up your business online, then head over to 1&1's registration page and sign up today. Here you will be guided through a simple application process ensuring you can choose the right eCommerce package tailored to your needs. Simply select the package that is right for you and enter your personal details. What could be easier? Learning how to start an online business has been made stress-free as 1&1 have worked hard to ensure that setting up your first eStore is as painless as possible. All the relevant information for customers, including a like-for-like comparison chart for each package, can be found at the click of a button. With 1&1's simple and transparent pricing system customers are free to make the move into eCommerce. Broken down into bite-sized pricing brackets, you have additional control over your selection, ensuring you pay no more than you need to. 1&1's simple and transparent pricing system makes the experience all the more enjoyable. Furthermore, when you choose an eCommerce solution from 1&1 then satisfaction is guaranteed - or we will give you your money back. 1&1's eCommerce web hosting offers a 30-day guarantee which means you can enter the eBusiness world completely risk-free. Why not sign up today and start enjoying a whole host of benefits offered by 1&1.

  • I want to sell my products to the world, can 1&1 help?

    For customers who are looking to take full advantage of 1&1 eCommerce software and reach a global audience, there are a number of great tools that will make it a simple process. Firstly, all of 1&1's eCommerce packages come with the option of including both English and Spanish translations of your site; this means that your site will become accessible to two world languages enabling you to reach a huge range of customers. For those looking to spread their feathers a little further, then the 1&1 eShop Plus package also offers the ability to offer pages in Catalan; French; Italian; Portuguese and German. Finally, for customers looking for a truly multilingual eCommerce website, then the 1&1 eShop Unlimited package offers all these plus Danish; Finnish; Dutch; Norwegian; Russian; Swedish; Czech and also UK specific English.
    1&1 also offer comprehensive shopping cart software and shipping management options that will allow simple and transparent shipping costs to be displayed for your customers – wherever they may be. With the choice to provide customers with a range of different shipping and payment options, your customers will be safe in the knowledge that whatever country they order from, shipping will be quick and efficient.

  • I want my site to be among the best eCommerce platforms, can 1&1 help me?

    When you choose to build your eCommerce website with 1&1 you can expect a number of simple and versatile tools that will help you design, create and maintain your perfect eStore. Instantly optimize your eCommerce site to be used on mobile phones and tablets, choose from a selection of attractive templates, offer multiple payment options including PayPal and ensure all of your important information is securely backed-up on a regular basis. 1&1 also offer the option of an inclusive domain name that will help your eCommerce website stand out from the crowd.

    Provide your customers with comprehensive information and images of your products and allow them to purchase easily with 1&1's easy to use shopping cart software. Support for Google Shopping, eBay, Amazon, Kelkoo and is also available from 1&1 helping your store to reach a greater customer base by giving your products increased exposure.

    Free email support is always available and, with 1&1's 24/7 customer service hotline, our advisers will be more than happy to guide you in the right direction and ensure your site is among the best eCommerce platforms around. Take a look at the comprehensive range of eCommerce packages offered by 1&1 and select further options dependent upon your requirements.