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From personal e-mail packages to business class e-mail and collaboration, 1&1 offers communication solutions for everyone.

Mobility features ensure your data stays synchronized and available wherever you go.

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E-Mail Solutions


  • Professional e-mail solutions for personal or business use
  • Secure access to your e-mail, contacts, calendar and data anytime, anywhere
  • Real-time synchronization with smartphones and tablets
  • Domain included with select packages
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1&1 Instant Mail

Unique and Personal E-mail Packages

$0.99per month*Save $12
  • 5 E-mail accounts
  • 2 GB of Storage
Mail Details

1&1 MailXchange

Professional communication solution

Starting at$1.99per user/month*Save $60 and more
  • 10 GB of Storage
  • Calendar, Contacts, Tasks
  • Real time synchronization
  • Domain included (.com, .net, .org)
MailXchange Details

Microsoft® Exchange 2013 by 1&1

Business class E-mail from Microsoft®

$5.99per month*Save $48
  • No setup fee
  • Free domain included
  • 25 GB of storage per mailbox
  • Includes Microsoft® Outlook 2013
  • No minimum contract period
  • Real-time mobile synchronization
Microsoft® Exchange Details


What e-mail solution packages do 1&1 offer?

1&1 understand that customers - particularly businesses - may require more than one e-mail address for their online profile, and managing information via different accounts and servers can prove difficult. For example, a blog might have different e-mail addresses for different queries e.g. general, advertising, and technical. To maintain a professional and organized communication flow, 1&1 offer 3 great e-mail solution packages: 1&1 InstantMail, 1&1 MailXchange and Microsoft® Exchange 2013 by 1&1. From Instant Mail - perfect for professionals or webmasters who need simple yet professional e-mail solutions, to the ‘top of the range’ Microsoft® Exchange 2013 by 1&1, better for suited to businesses - there is a 1&1 e-mail option for everyone. Catering to diverse needs and budgets, all three options have their own unique feature. For individuals and professionals, 1&1 Instant Mail offers an additional 2GB of secure online memory storage, allowing you to access important data from virtually anywhere from your computer, PC tablet or smartphone. MailXchange on the other hand has functions that allow for efficient and centralized management, ideal for larger groups or teams. And of course Microsoft® Exchange 2013 by 1&1 incorporates office functions allowing for a more corporate management layout.

Can I change my 1&1 e-mail address to match my domain and vice versa?

Yes. 1&1 make sure that customers receive the best usability experience by ensuring e-mail addresses and domain names have the opportunity to remain consistent. If a domain name happens to be, you are able to meld the e-mail address to - instead of sticking with the “@1&” default. These small customizations allow users to have a concise and professional online presence. Not to mention consistent information details will make it easier for potential clients to remember you online as your brand name is integrated naturally into your domain and business e-mail. Be aware that not all e-mail packages include a free domain, as 1&1’s Instant Mail option will need a domain to be purchased at an additional fee. However the package still offers great features for personal or small professional businesses, like the ability to set up 5 e-mail accounts with 2GB of storage per account. For the remaining two packages, setting up your free domain is easy. Even if you have no programming experience, it is so simple to build a great new website to complement your business or new e-mail account by seeing the 1&1 website templates.

What is the best e-mail package solution for my small company or business?

For small businesses and companies, MailXchange has professional communication and e-mail account solutions allowing for increased working efficiency. Depending on how many users you wish to be included to the package, 1&1 offer customized and team packages for all sizes. What makes this package great is that it allows people to stay connected from one management hub. Obtaining and sharing information becomes a whole lot easier. So not only are the features perfect for businesses but also for teams, groups and even families wanting to share information amongst each other securely. For groups, this business e-mail account has everything you would need for easy collaboration and data exchange, as you would have in the office place: From e-mails and calendar, to reminder notes and the ability to allocate tasks to others in the team. What makes these functions stand out is that they can be accessed via ActiveSync to your smartphone, allowing everyone to stay updated and informed, even when they are off site. So for professionals like auditors on the go, or even family members who may be located in different areas around the globe, the MailXchange e-mail account is a safe and secure way to keep everyone up-to-date. As social media is also playing a significant role in businesses today, 1&1 have integrated a Social Network connector to MailXchange, so all contacts and other information like event notifications as well as existing e-mail accounts can be accessed from just one management system.

What are the benefits of registering a Microsoft® Exchange 2013 package by 1&1?

In today’s increasingly digital society, professional communication exchange is becoming further electronic based. Maintaining successful solutions to organize data whilst having them easily accessible is becoming an increasing demand. If upgrading further to a more business class option is what you require, then Microsoft® Exchange 2013 by 1&1 is a perfect solution. Seen as a global standard for business e-mail as a large proportion of small and medium-sized businesses already use this software, this latest version of Microsoft Outlook will have you one step ahead. As well as offering a huge 2GB of storage per e-mail address, 1&1 allow users to synchronize their data to different devices, like their laptop, tablet or smartphone. Capable of synchronizing other office tools like calendars, reminders, and contacts together with e-mail, work efficiency is improved as you can access important information away from your desk. Another major benefit for customers when registering for the latest Microsoft® Exchange 2013 at 1&1 is the domain name included in the package. It is a great feature for businesses who want to integrate their website and professional e-mail solutions into one fee. There is also no need for fixed contract periods, so monthly billing options can remain flexible. Find out for yourself how a better integration of Microsoft® Office applications with business e-mail can be achieved through this package. Not to mention that you have the ability to access your e-mails offline with the Catch-all E-mail Addresses function.

How secure is my 1&1 e-mail account?

1&1 know that privacy and the security of your information is imperial, which is why we have incorporated state-of-the-art technologies into our e-mail packages. Along with fundamental confidentiality features, such as personal data and e-mail account passwords only accessible by you, all 1&1 e-mail hosting packages provide reliable protection from harmful phishing, spam and viruses as every e-mail is passed through a spam filter and virus scanner before entering your inbox. With common online e-mail hosts often victim to nasty viruses, dealing with spam and junk folders can make for an unpleasant communication experience. However with 1&1’s e-mail solution packages, you have the peace of mind in knowing the information on your account and computer is fully protected as these filters are updated on a regular basis. Seen in 1&1’s Instant Mail package as well, you will also be guaranteed that your 2GB of online stored data will not be affected or lost by system failures on your computer. Stored online at 1&1’s secure Data Centres – have the confidence in knowing that your information is being safe guarded by the most advanced protection technology with frequent backups.

How can I register my new E-mail package?

Registering your new e-mail solutions package with 1&1 is simple. Take a look at the details each package offers and find which one is most suited to your needs. For independent bloggers and webmasters, the 1&1 Instant Mail option is a perfect starter, whereas small businesses and groups may benefit more from the features of 1&1 MailXchange. All you need to do is follow the boxes and in a few clicks you will be guided in the right direction to purchasing your way to an easy and secure e-mail management system. There is nothing left to lose when you register with 1&1 Instant Mail as there is a 30 day guarantee on all three packages. So if you are not fully convinced by the extra mile 1&1 go to provide its customers with their digital communication solutions, then a no questions asked refund would be provided. In addition, 1&1 have a help center and support line on stand-by 24/7, with an experienced team who are able to answer your questions on specific e-mail package queries. Whether you are uncertain over security issues or need more assistance on how to go about purchasing your new e-mail account or package, 1&1’s professional customer care experts are skilled in handling your query in no time.