How to embed YouTube-Videos

How do I implement YouTube videos on my personal site?

  • Videos are a magnet for website visitors
  • Simply integrate your YouTube video
  • Using the 1&1 MyWebsite package, it couldn’t be easier to embed YouTube videos
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Enhance your personal website with YouTube videos

Videos for your personal website

Got videos? Become a hit online instantly

Having videos on your personal website can only be beneficial to your success. It is proven that website visitors view videos before actually reading the text of a website due to the fact that we have developed into a visual society as a whole. Grab the attention of your visitors directly when they open your personal website with a video to get them engaged. A video allows you to portray information much quicker and in a more effective fashion than with words. Videos speak to younger and older generations, closing the so-called market gap by applying to all generations. Since the speed of the Internet has drastically increased over the past years, using online videos to relay information to visitors is a must. You can load high-quality and longer videos without having to worry about whether or not you visitors can access theses easily. Don't wait, enhance your personal website with embedded videos!
YouTube-Videos on your website

Adding YouTube videos on your website

The most common method of embedding videos on a website is through YouTube. 1&1 enables you to embed your personal website with YouTube videos. Using the 1&1 MyWebsite package, it couldn't be simpler to embed YouTube videos. First, launch your MyWebsite editor. This editor allows you to insert multimedia elements with a few logical and easy to find clicks. Simply choose where on your website you want to place the video, then copy and paste the YouTube-link and save your selection. After this, you can change the position of the video, or even insert a different one at anytime. Your desired YouTube video is now embedded on your personal website. That's all!

Pay attention when embedding YouTube-Videos

What to pay attention to when integrating videos?

Not only is embedding a video on your personal Website more engaging and interactive for your visitors, it can also boost your ratings. Having a video gives you a better Google ranking due to the search engine optimization (SEO), which favor websites with videos. But don't just place a link to a video on your personal website, because this won't increase your ratings, it will just send your visitor to the linked website. The goal is to have your visitors stay on your personal website as long as possible. Another important aspect of is that videos take up space on your site, and space is very valuable. Once a video has been seen, the visitor will most likely not watch it again. New video embedding technology allows you to not use as much space for videos on a website such as call-up video on demand. This feature enables you to utilize more space for other information by keeping the embedded video as small as possible. The embedded video will only enlarge on the demand through clicking on it. This activates a larger view of the video for the time it is being viewed. Save space and be more efficient.

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