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"With 1&1 ListLocal, you'll reach a vast amount of potential local customers while maintaining consistent company information across a multitude of online directories."

If you have any questions you can reach me by calling or by sending an e-mail at
Joseph C.eCommerce Solutions
1 (877) 461-2631
Be found on all major directories

Add one listing and be consistently present in online local directories.

More than 40% of local SMBs are not listed at all or have incomplete, out-dated, or wrong information!

    • Bing
      Bing is a search engine that is steadily growing in popularity. Almost 19% of Internet searches from desktops are conducted using Bing, and it is the default search engine for Apple's Siri.
    • Superpages
      SuperPages helps users find all the necessities of modern life. Common
      search categories are easily accessible, along with other interesting
      local information.
    • Yahoo!
      Yahoo! is one of the top Internet search engines. Over 10% of Internet searches from desktops are performed on Yahoo!
    • Facebook
      Facebook is the most popular social media platform, with 900 million unique monthly visitors. Be visible to all of them.
    • Yelp
      With over 132 million monthly visitors, Yelp is one of the first places customers look to validate a business. About 90% of Yelp users say positive reviews impact their company buying choices. Get listed on Yelp to connect with these customers.
    • Foursquare
      With more than 50 million users, Foursquare remains a popular place for people to look up businesses. It incorporates tips and guidance for users, so be sure your business is in the conversation.
    • MapQuest
      MapQuest provides accurate mapping and directions for millions of people daily. Get listed with them to be visible to people and make it easy for them to find you.
    • Nokia
      Nokia has several applications that utilize business listings to connect with its user base. Register with List Local and be seen on these devices.
    • provides business listings as well as other localized information, such as events, activities and relevant articles.
    • CitySearch
      Citysearch is an online city guide that provides information about businesses in different categories. So you can perfectly find what you are looking for with more than 75 thousand locations listed.
    • MerchantCircle
      MerchantCircle connects customers with local merchants using business listings. In addition, it advertises promotional deals and provides a forum for localized advice.
    • Telenav
      Telenav is a GPS navigation provider, with products on both mobile devices and automobiles. Be visible to customers on the go.
    • Whitepages
      Whitepages is the #1 provider of contact information with over 50 million unique users. They are among the best free resources for finding and verifying phone numbers and addresses.
    • TomTom
      TomTom provides GPS navigation assistance through many devices.
      Be visible on these devices.
    • 411
      411 provides comprehensive business and individual phone listings and is used by many potential customers.
    • AmericanTowns
      AmericanTowns serves as a virtual town square, serving as point of contact for local events. Being listed there allows you to connect with the more active members of your community.
    • helps small businesses grow by allowing
      its members to promote themselves.
      Customers often connect with businesses through them, and being listed there provides added legitimacy to your business.
    • CitySquares
      CitySquares is a search engine that is focused on local businesses. Their search-friendly approach is made specifically for small and independent businesses.
    • DexKnows
      DexKnows connects millions of consumers with local businesses. They also provide the opportunity for reviews.
    • EzLocal
      EzLocal makes it easy for potential customers to customize their local
      business search to meet their specific needs. Users can search for
      businesses that fit certain characteristics, such as being kid friendly
      or accepting credit cards. This makes it easy for businesses to
      differentiate themselves and connect with customers.
    • GetFave
      GetFave connects businesses with customers by highlighting promotions. Customers check GetFave to see if any promotions are running and can learn about businesses in the process.
    • LocalDatabase
      LocalDatabase provides localized business listings. In addition, it provides a good deal of useful demographic information that would be useful to a small business.
    • LocalPages
      LocalPages provides users information on local deals. In addition, it provides local business search and news of local interest.
    • MojoPages
      For exploring a city MojoPages shows everything you need to know about it. It gives you information about nearby hotels, restaurants, bars and much more. It helps customers to improve their Google ranking.
    • PhoneNumber
      PhoneNumber is a phone directory that is supported by and has a large customer base.
    • ShowMeLocal
      With more than 16 million businesses and 307 thousand user reviews, ShowMeLocal connects businesses with many active users. It is also powered by YellowPages.
    • Switchboard
      Powered by Whitepages, Switchboard is an online directory that connects users with businesses and individuals. Their business listings show your location and other key information.
    • Topix
      Topix is the leading news community on the web, connecting over 12 million people to the information and discussions that matter to them in every U.S. town and city.
    • Tupalo
      Tupalo serves as a local guide for users interested in exploring. It provides a platform for users to search, discover, and share their experiences with your business.
    • links users to popular local businesses, as well as a robust business listing search.
    • White & Yellowpages
      White & Yellowpages
      The White & Yellowpages smartphone app combines the information of both massive directories. Millions of users refer to these directories on a monthly basis for local business information.
    • Yellowbot
      Yellowbot is a business platform that's focused on local businesses. It provides location and other business information to users, and allows them to post reviews of businesses.
    • Yellowise
      Yellowise promotes local businesses by providing users search results sorted by city and category. It also allows customers to write reviews.
    • YellowMoxie
      YellowMoxie is a specialized local expert and a top online resource for finding information and insights on local businesses and retailers. Here you can search by location, business name or category.
    • ABLocal
      Many people turn to ABLocal when they are looking specifically to support local businesses.
    • AirYell
      AirYell is a popular iOS app that puts local information at its users fingertips. Make yourself visible to potential customers, whether they are locals or are visiting from elsewhere.
    • Citybot
      Citybot helps visitors to cities plan an itinerary for visiting places that would be interesting to them.
    • CityMaps
      CityMaps incorporates social media to turn a simple business listing into something more relevant and personalized to users. Users who search for businesses receive not just your business information, but how their social network has interacted with your business.
    • CoPilot
      CoPilot is a GPS navigation app for iOS and Android. Because it downloads maps to users' devices, no Internet connection is required after download for use.
    • Navmii
      Navmii is a GPS-based phone app that uses contributions from 20 million drivers worldwide. Be visible on Navmii so that people can find you when they're on the go.
    • Opendi
      Opendi is a common phone book directory which is used by more than 9 million people worldwide.
    • VoteforTheBest
      Vote For The Best provides rankings of local businesses based on a simple user voting system. Register with List Local so customers can vote for your business.
    • YaSabe
      YaSabe caters to the rapidly growing Latino community in the US. It offers bilingual business search as well as valuable information like job listings.
      YellowPageCity is the largest
      network of Yellow Page directories.
      With more than 2600 online phone books included in this network. Each new directory is accompanied by a local community page.
    • YellowPagesGoesGreen
      With over 28.5 million listings, YellowPagesGoesGreen is an online directory that eliminates the need for the gigantic and wasteful paper directories of the past. It provides all of the information you would expect from the YellowPages.
    • 2FindLocal
      2FindLocal provides a platform for listing your business. In addition, there is an opportunity for you to receive free advertising by sharingmore information in your listing. Visit for details.
    • 8Coupons
      8coupons combines offers from many deal sites, and has delivered over 20 million deals to customers. It also provides business directory listings. With so many people looking for deals, it is a great place to be listed and connect with customers.
    • Avantar
      Avantar is the pioneer of mobile geo-location search. As a part of the YellowPages Network it has more than 8 million unique visitors per month.
      N49 connects customers with the best businesses in their community. While primarily a Canadian service, there are listings for most major cities in the US.
    • eLocal
      eLocal takes a locally focused approach to business search. It breaks businesses into popular search categories, and provides a user friendly way for customers to find them.
    • GoLocal247
      GoLocal247 focuses on optimizing the search experience for local markets. It combines business listings with other local information that is interesting to customers.
    • My Local Services
      My Local Services
      My Local Services provides listings of local businesses. In addition, provides the opportunity for customer reviews and a business forum.
    • PennySaver
      PennySaver is an app which allows users to carry their coupons on their smartphone. It offers coupons to 1 million local searchers per month.
    • Pointcom
      Pointcom provides information specific to a users' locality, such as news and daily deals, along with local business listings.

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More than 85% of consumers search online for local services.
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"Today's marketplace is competitive – with 1&1 ListLocal, you'll reach a vast amount of potential local customers while maintaining consistent company information across a multitude of online directories."

Do you have any questions? You can reach my team and I by calling or by sending an e-mail to

Joseph C.eCommerce Solutions
More information
FAQ -Frequently Asked Questions about the topic:

Business directory

  • Can a business directory help me reach more customers?

    Small businesses are connecting with new customers every day thanks to local business listings online. When people want to find an auto mechanic or locksmith in their neighborhood – but don't have a specific address in mind – they consult their favorite search engine. Within seconds, they browse entries from a business directory and make a choice. It doesn't matter what service they're looking for: online business directories cover every imaginable industry and will get your business noticed by search engines – and future customers. Businesses that operate regionally such as garages, tax accountants, yoga studios, restaurants, as well as lawyers are taking advantage of local business listings to increase their business' visibility. Adding your small business to a local directory is the perfect way to connect with customers who are searching for your products and services online. After only a brief search query, your business could appear as a Google local listing to a new customer, complete with directions on how to get to your door. Signing up with 1&1 List Local's service is affordable will get you discovered online.

    Because we work with a myriad of local directories at a time, your boutique or mom-and-pop shop will get noticed by potential customers hiding right under your nose. You can easily reach the millions of users who rely on local business listings online each month to find businesses like yours. 1&1 List Local adds your small business into 30 directories with our basic option, or 58 when you go pro. These are among the most powerful and wide-ranging directories online and will ensure that customers using search engines will find your entry. Joining a business directory is a simple and affordable way to advertise your business and expand your customer base. 1&1 List Local's service guarantees higher visibility with search engines because of the number of links to your shop or practice that we upload across multiple business directories. Moreover, we save you time by creating simultaneous, immediate entries for your business in the best listing portals online. It only takes a few seconds for small businesses to be discovered in local business listings with 1&1 List Local.
  • Does 1&1 List Local work with the best business directories?

    At 1&1 we take the visibility of your small business to heart. That's why we cooperate with a slew of great online directories like Yellow Pages Online and SuperPages so you'll be found by customers searching online for services in your area. Our List Local service doesn't stop with a simple business directory listing, however – we also use popular rating portals such as Yelp and Foursquare to get people talking about what you do, plus social media platforms such as Facebook Places to connect them to your address. Increasing your visibility online within so many directories means search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing will get you found by the whole neighborhood and out-of-towners alike. In addition, your business' reach will be lengthened when aggregator sites such as Factual add your NAP (Name Address Phone) to their databases. With Google Places and TomTom on your team, the neighbors won't only be buzzing about your business – they'll be coming to your address in droves. These dynamic platforms compliment your entries in popular local business listings. Only 1&1 has the all-star-team to put your small business on the map.

    1&1 List Local guarantees high visibility for your business by adding your NAP to local business directory networks that get noticed by search engines right away. With our service, your entry will be clearly featured in local business listings to ensure you make a good first impression online. We even save you the hassle of creating individual entries on each website by providing a centralized entry service. With 1&1, customers will find your business no matter what your specialty. Best of all, with simultaneous entries in many online directories, customers will find you whether they're surfing the Web at home or on a Smartphone outside. Using multiple listing and rating portals increases the likelihood that your business address will come up in a search. What's more, your customers will have detailed online directions on how to reach you in seconds thanks to our navigation partners like Google Maps. 1&1 List Local's service connects you to real life customers on the hunt for businesses like yours – guaranteed.

  • How can I join a business directory using 1&1?

    Thanks to 1&1's List Local service, adding entries for your business to our comprehensive network of online local business listings is easy as 1-2-3. You only have to write one entry yourself – then we'll post it to every relevant category covered by our business directory partners. Simply place an order for our 1&1 List Local service on our site and then enter your business details when prompted. You can make your entry stand out by providing photographs or a video for your online profiles. Afterwards, we're happy to take over – in no time at all, your business will be found on all the relevant listing portals. What's more, we'll keep your entries up-to-date at no extra charge. So all you have to do, if your telephone number or address changes, or if you'd like to advertise a new service, is log in to our system and update your details. In just a short time, all of your information in each business directory will be updated by us. At 1&1, we feel our listing service is worth the small investment, because our directory service is that much better than smaller, free business directories. Thanks to our range of top-notch partners, more customers will find your business than ever before.
  • How do automatic updates of my business directory work?

    Local Internet marketing is a breeze with 1&1's centralized, no-hassle approach to getting your business noticed in your neighborhood. When you sign up with 1&1 List Local, your business will have immediate entries in the most important online directories. This happens in the blink of an eye and with minimal effort from you: just fill in your business' NAP (Name Address Phone) and any other important details and our powerful business directory service will handle the rest. You can make changes to your business directory entry and NAP at any time thanks to our intuitive website. Simply log in to your 1&1 account to update your business details at any time, or add some color to your entry with photos or a video. We'll change the information in your entries, including contact details and descriptions of your goods and services, at no extra charge to you. Your future customers will find you easily in just seconds – no matter what changes your business undergoes. Luckily, you don't have to worry about creating profiles for your business on every single online portal yourself; 1&1's List Local service gets the job done immediately and in one swoop. Sign up to see an immediate improvement in your small business' online visibility. Being found online is the key to getting customers in the door of your business today.
  • How can I get found on Google local listings (Google MyBusiness) using 1&1's business directory service?

    1&1's List Local service works with Google local listings to ensure you're found by customers on the hunt for businesses like yours. Harnessing the world's most powerful search engine will increase your business' visibility right away. Whether you run a website or not, adding your business to Google local listings with 1&1's easy service will have customers lining up around the corner at your place of business. We cast a wide net to ensure the details and location of your small business are visible across multiple platforms, including other popular search engines such as Yahoo and Bing. Best of all, we'll add your details to navigation systems like Google Maps so that your customers will know exactly how to find you. With 1&1, you can attract customers to your business who are browsing the Internet at home, or when they're on the go with a mobile device. With 1&1's List Local service working so closely with Google local listings, you won't be overlooked by customers online – no matter how they go looking for you online.