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Increase your online newspaper's reach with the .news domain

Secure yourself an all new .news domain with 1&1

The release of new top-level domains (TLDs) has created exciting new opportunities for a host of businesses and organizations. The .news domain is just one such example and is available at 1&1. Ever since the dawn of the Internet, news companies and organizations have had to make do with generic domains such as .com or .org. Now finally, you can choose a domain that actually reflects your work. Pre-reserving a .news domain with 1&1 is easy, free and carries no commitment on your part. Switched-on news organizations will reserve .news domains in many areas of their business. Catchy geographical domains like and sector addresses like will certainly be snapped up.

Make news with a great .news address from 1&1

The best .com addresses were soon snapped up, leaving some news organizations with long-winded and vague domains. Today, however, there are exciting opportunities for webmasters to secure themselves more specific domains to properly address their audiences. Domains like and are memorable and give potential visitors a clearer indication of what the website is all about. will no doubt be popular and with the release of the .news domain, it is time for some exciting titles. Check if your desired .news domain is available and reserve it for free today! There is no charge or commitment when reserving your domains at 1&1 so simply reserve all of the .news domains that interest you today, and then decide at a later date which you wish to pay to register. You really have nothing to lose!

The benefits of a .news domain from 1&1

When you register a .news domain with 1&1, you will be telling the world precisely what it is you do. Internet users are demanding more localized and personalized content when they are online, so being able to offer specific addresses, like and, lets them know that your content is relevant to their interests. A .news domain name also gives you the opportunity to create new audiences for existing content, like or new fresh niches like With endless possibilities when it comes to .news domains, now is the perfect opportunity to generate some exciting new business ideas.

Make sure you register your .news domain at 1&1 today

Taking advantage of these new opportunities is easy and our two-step process makes it risk free too. While you are deciding on your approach you can simply reserve any .news domains that interest you for free. This means that you can carefully work out your strategy. Then, when you finally decide on the ideal names for your news organization, you can register the .news domains that match your plans. Remember domains are available on a first come, first served basis, so don't let your exciting plans become yesterday's news.